Secrets To Successful Exhibiting

successful exhibiting teamwork

Successful exhibiting and participation in trade shows can be the key increasing the customer base and profits for your business. 

With these tips in your arsenal, you’ll be able to make the most of your time at the next event and maximise your chances of success. With an average 75% of people attending to either buy now or plan to buy for the future, it’s the most cost-effective way to get your products or services in front of potential customers.

successful exhibiting at trade shows

Advertise And Connect

Participating in exhibitions or trade shows is the only way you can both advertise your business and interact with potential customers at the same time. What a fantastic combination; an in-depth display featuring the best of the products or services you offer, along with you or your staff right there to reach out to people face to face, answering their questions and enticing them to discover more about what you do.

successful exhibiting includes making connections

Equip Your Team

Whether they’re accompanying you or attending as your representatives, train your staff specifically in the art of exhibiting. Letting them know what to expect and what to do or not do while they’re there will increase the likelihood that they’re the best advocates of your company and make a positive impression on everyone they meet. A few specifics to keep in mind for successful exhibiting include:

  • Making an effort to speak to as many people as possible.
  • Staying off your phone and directing your attention to event visitors.
  • Being authentically cheerful and outgoing.
  • Remembering to smile and make eye contact.
  • Not eating at your stand.
  • Talking less and listening more.
  • Appointing one person the team leader for the event.

successful exhibiting teamwork

Have A Plan

If you have business or professional contacts who would benefit from attending the event and seeing your awesome display, make sure to invite them to attend. You could publish posts on your social networks or mention it in your company’s e-newsletter. And for those folks who you’re specifically keen to see come along, it’s a great idea to give them a ring and invite them in person.

Formulating a plan of action in advance of showing up at your next trade show or exhibition will be key to successful exhibiting. With a little planning and preparation you’ll have a smooth, organised, focused and successful time of it. Not only should you identify your purpose for being there and what you want to get out of the overall event, but what promotions or slogans you’ll use to attract people to your booth and what you’ll say to them while you’re there. Clear objectives are what will make your participation as effective as possible. You should also have a strategy in place for how to follow up afterwards and make use of the information you gathered during the event.

successful exhibiting plan to follow up afterwards

Follow Best Practices

Other secrets to successful exhibiting are:

  • Remembering to listen to your prospects and sell them the benefits of working with you, not just the features of what you’re selling. This will make what you’re offering more attractive, and encourage potential customers to consider how their lives could be enhanced by buying from you.
  • Integrating technology into your exhibition displays, such as tablets for booth personnel to gather information on or monitors to display product videos or images.
  • Setting appointments during the show when possible, instead of always waiting to follow up and reconnect when the event is done.
  • Trading leads with other vendors. While there will be some crossover, it’s likely to be minimal. Exchanging leads with one or two carefully selected attendees has the potential to double the number of contacts you gain from the event.
  • Have your own events, such as product launches or workshops, going on at the same time as the show or shortly afterwards. It gives you something to talk up and invite contacts to.

successful exhibiting displays and roller banners


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