A new addition: the AGFA Oberon RTR3300

At Solopress, we’re always looking to update our plant list to reflect advances in print technology. Joining our suite of large-format presses, we’re delighted to announce the addition of the Agfa Oberon RTR3300, a dedicated roll-to-roll, digital inkjet printer.

Upon launch, the European Digital Press Association awarded it the title of best roll-to-roll large & wide format printing system in its size category. It will join our pair of Agfa Anapurna hybrid machines, and will initially be used for printing larger Posters and Roller Banners.

Roll up, roll up

The Oberon’s dual-roll feature means it can print on either one 3.3m wide roll or two 1.6m wide rolls in dual mode. This versatile functionality allows us to be more responsive to demand by adding to the adaptability and productivity within our large-format department.

The new press also features a unique water-cooled table, which ensures the printing zone remains at room temperature. This offers us the ability to process a variety of heat-sensitive roll materials, including more cost-effective options. This added flexibility enables us to produce high-quality prints while optimising costs. It even has a built in light box for in situ quality checks on back-lit print jobs.

Quick change

The convenient media loading setup also helps us to reduce changeover times. Thanks to its innovative design, a single operator can load rolls of material quickly and easily. Lightweight carbon shafts also make the task less cumbersome for the operator. Combined with a free fall option for optimal media use and smart multi-queuing functionality, this machine enhances our operational efficiency and again, reduces turnaround times.

Another aspect that makes the press popular with operators is that it runs very quietly in comparison with most inkjet printers. It’s also very safe to use thanks to proximity sensors that pause functions when you pass in front of the safety screen, and resume when you step away without compromising the print job.

Warm and dry

The Oberon RTR3300’s use of UV LED curing technology has a number of advantages. The lamps allow for immediate start-up with no delay due to warm-up time. This mean that we can get your projects underway quicker, but it also reduces energy consumption, aligning with our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment.

The Oberon 1470 UV LED inks used in the press are optimised for flexible media for durable results without flaking, plus they also contribute to our environmental efforts. The inks are fully compliant with environmental and health standards in the industry, meeting the highest category of Greenguard Gold certification. This means that they have undergone thorough testing and meet rigorous chemical emissions standards. Innovative engineering solutions within the Oberon’s design also mean that it wastes very little ink in comparison to other printers – typically only one litre for every three months of continuous use!

Process perfection

The Oberon RTR3300 uses Agfa’s wide-format workflow software, Asanti, to streamline every aspect of the printing process, from prepress to production and finishing. The integration of this software, paired with the exceptional operational capabilities of the machine, signifies a significant advancement in the efficiency of large format printing at Solopress.

Making the cut

In addition to the Oberon, we have also acquired a second Fotoba XLD 320HS. These large format XY cutters are able to trim the super-wide rolls that the Oberon uses. Sensors automatically scans and monitors as it goes, ensuring that the cuts it makes are at right angles to the roll’s edge. This creates precise corners and significantly reduces inaccuracies in trimming. Any measure that reduces wastage like this reduces our impact on the environment and helps us to make production faster and more cost effective for customers.

Greater opportunities to come

Investment in the Oberon RTR3300 has extended our capabilities with its ability to print onto an extensive range of materials. It presents exciting opportunities for the future in terms of the new products and materials that we can introduce in future. While this investment has brought immediate improvements to our large-format print offering, we can’t help thinking the best is yet to come.