Carbon offset your print with Solopress

Solopress are proud to announce that customers now have the option to offset their print purchase and delivery when ordering certain products with us. 

Due to the huge popularity of the Solopress Green range, we have introduced this option so customers can now order carbon-neutral print and delivery on selected products from our range. 

This option is currently available on some of our best-selling products, with the view to making this feature accessible across the majority of our range in the future. 

Customers can now offset the carbon on their orders for: 

What is carbon offsetting? 

Carbon offsetting is a way to help balance out the amount of carbon dioxide that we put into the atmosphere. 

There are plenty of complicated terms that get thrown about when talking about this topic. Let’s break them down. 

Greenhouse gases and carbon emissions

First, it’s important to understand that many of our everyday activities like driving a car, using electricity, or manufacturing products cause greenhouse gases. Gases are then released into the atmosphere. This release of greenhouse gases is often referred to as carbon emissions. 

The carbon footprint

The total amount of greenhouse gases produced by an individual, organisation, event, or product is known as their “carbon footprint”. 

Carbon offsetting

Carbon offsetting is an attempt to balance out these emissions. The idea is that if you can’t avoid creating some carbon emissions, you can “offset” them by investing in projects or initiatives that reduce or remove greenhouse gases elsewhere. 

Carbon neutral

For something to qualify as carbon neutral: 

  • It must be produced without any carbon  
  • Or all carbon produced needs to be offset during its lifespan

How it works 

When you’re in the Your Basket area of your order process, there will be a box next to each unique product which you can tick labelled Make this order Carbon Neutral. 

If you wish to offset your order, this is the box you need to select. You can select as many or as few of the products to offset as you wish. 

No longer limited to Solopress Green products, this option is now available on the following products: 

  • Flyers & Leaflets
  • Folded Flyers & Leaflets  
  • Business Cards 
  • Brochures & Booklets
  • Books 

At the bottom of the page, you then have the option to select which offsetting project you wish to support with your contribution. 

You can choose between: 

  • Woodland protection and tree planting in the UK 
  • Clean drinking water in Eritrea 
  • Ocean plastic cleaning around the world 

Once you’ve selected your project and placed your order it’ll be recorded in your account. After your purchase, click on My Account and you can see the total carbon you have offset through us. 

Projects that you can support 

We’re proud to offer you a wide range of projects to support and raise awareness for through Solopress print. 

UK tree planting  

Your first option helps tackle climate change closer to home and supports UK woodlands. Located at two sites in the Lake District and Cumbria, this is a certified climate project that’s supporting reforestation efforts in the Lake District and Cumbria.  

For each tonne of CO2 offset by our climate project, Climate Partner matches it with another tonne, eradicated by creating fresh woodland under the trusted UK Woodland Carbon Code (WCC). 

Forests, as critical carbon sinks and biodiversity hotspots, are also humanity’s lifelines. Supporting this project helps foster stronger, climate-resilient mixed woodlands. 

Eritrea clean drinking water  

Eritrea is one of the harshest environments to survive in the world. Facing droughts, floods and land erosion, Eritrea is among Africa’s most at-risk regions. 

For many rural dwellers, finding safe water is a daily, taxing pursuit, often falling on women and children. Yet, the water is frequently laden with deadly bacteria, demanding it be boiled for safety. 

Choosing to support this project will help repair broken boreholes and teach locals to fix and maintain this technology themselves. These boreholes provide Eritreans with a clean supply regularly so your aid will help preserve their water. 

Ocean cleaning projects  

Plastic waste has become a huge problem worldwide due to its sheer quantity and long lifespan. 

Plastic has been found: 

  • In every inch of the oceans 
  • In particles of the Arctic snow 
  • In the bodies of dead fish 
  • In human cells 

This is clearly a worldwide problem which requires a worldwide solution. Choosing to support this issue will help a number of projects around the world to clean our oceans and assist in the removal of ocean plastics. 

These projects include locations in: 

  • Brazil
  • Egypt 
  • Philippines 
  • Indonesia 

Solopress’ green goals 

Your support of our Solopress Green range has seen us offset a staggering 150,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide so far. 

To put this into perspective, this huge number is the equivalent of the Statue of Liberty or an average Blue Whale. 

Previously limited to our Green range, opening this option to our wider products with your unrivalled support will see this number skyrocket.