Create your own paper craft wedding decorations

Red heart shaped paper garland for weddings

Brides on a budget can still have the wedding of their dreams by getting crafty with paper. Check out these paper craft wedding decorations and how to tips.

Paper Craft Flowers

Paying for your wedding flowers can be quite a pain and a strain on your finances, but with a little imagination and patience, you could wow your guests with these quirky designs.

Jar of paper flowers with book writing on them
Source: momadvice
Beautiful bridal bouquet of paper craft, origami flowers.
Source: craftsy
Stunning purple, cream and black wedding bouquet made from paper flowers
Source: etsy

How To Create Paper Flowers

You will need:


  1. Using the template, cut out your flower petals.
  2. Pull out pages from the book and stack them on top of one another. Holding them as a group and using the petal template as a guide, cut around the paper.
  3. Use the skewer to shape the paper by rolling the petals around it.
  4. Get another page from the book. This time, tear a strip lengthwise. Repeat same process as in step 3 with the skewer.
  5. Tear another strip lengthwise and roll from the top of the skewer. (This will create the centre of your flower.)
  6. Adding the petals: Starting with the smallest layer, drop a small blob of glue at the edge of the bottom of each petal. Repeat until all petals are attached to the paper craft flower.
  7. Finish your beautiful flowers by placing them in your jar or vase.

Wedding Cake Topper Paper Craft

Break free from tradition and liven up your wedding cake with a quirky and cute paper craft cake topper – (you may be able to source edible paper if you want to bite the head off your new spouse too).

Cute paper craft bride and groom figures to go on top of a cake.
Source: creaturekebab
Cute and sweet bride and groom paper craft toys
Source: wheelofdeath92
Adorable bride and groom paper Hello Kitty
Source: hellokittybeddingsets

Make Your Own Paper Craft Bride And Groom

YouTuber and crafty helper, Pelin Sparks, did all the hard work for you by putting this fabulous cutout online to print out yourselves. Just print out, cut away and go!

  1. Paper craft cut out of the bride's head2. Print and cut your own bride paper craft cake topper. Bride's torso and arms3.Cake topper paper craft bride's cutout head4.Printable, cuttable paper craft groom's torso

Paper Craft Wedding Garlands

Why spend all your pennies on wedding garlands that will only see the bottom of a dustbin bag at the end of the day? Paper craft wedding garlands are a cost-effective solution to making your venue look spectacular.

Red heart shaped paper garland for weddings
Beautiful pink and cream paper pom pom flower garland idea
Beautiful wedding white paper craft garland hanging from a tree shaped like lillies
Source: ivoryandbeau

Make Your Own Paper Craft Wedding Garlands

There’s 3 different methods of creating your wedding paper garlands, but this is the simple version:

  1. Have at least 10 pieces of construction paper with at least two different colours (preferably in the colour scheme and theme of your big day).
  2. Cut at least 3 strips of 2.5 inch by 10 inch (6.3cm by 25.4 cm) from the construction paper. The sizing can be altered depending on what you like.
  3. Make one strip of paper into a loop, making sure to overlap by 1 inch and staple the ends together. A prettier version would be to glue them carefully (and wait for it to dry) or user tape – depending on time and patience you have!
  4. Pick a different coloured piece of stripped construction paper and loop it around the one you just done – repeating the same process.
  5. Continue this process until your happy with the length and style of your garland.
  6. Hang it up!


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