10 Inspiring Takeaway & Restaurant Menu Design Ideas

Inspiring restaurant menu ideas

Designing a Restaurant or Takeaway menu is hard enough, just making sure you have the right spelling and language, the correct price and not to mention the right meals is a task in itself, let alone creating a memorable and eye-catching design.

The Solopress team have put forward some of our favourite menu designs from our local area of Southend-on-Sea, Essex – and some unforgettable classics from London and around the world – to give you some menu design inspiration! 

Local Menu Inspiration – London & Southend

1.) The Railway Hotel, Southend-on-Sea

One of the best places in Southend to catch talented local bands, eat scrummy vegetarian and vegan food – and partake in wide selection of tipples. Their menu design fits their shabby-chic look — many a summer has been spent sitting on the mish-mash of furniture in the garden, supping a cider or two.


2.) Mangetout, Southend-on-Sea

A rare place, with some of the best food I’ve ever had the pleasure of looking at from afar away, crying and salivating – because I can never get in! The bookings here are usually 2-3 months booked in advance, so if you fancy a giant, sexy burger with all the trimmings, make sure you book ahead. Their menu design is minimal, straight to the point, chalkboard black and white, no pretences here, you know you’re going to get good food.

Mangetout Menu Southend on Sea

3.) The Clarence Yard – Southend-on-Sea

The Clarence Yard presents it’s offerings of Burgers, Salads, Rolls, Pasta, Desserts and Tarts in a classic newspaper style, on just one sheet, big and bold; you can view all the gastro-articles straight away!


4.) Sketch – London

There’s nothing sketchy about Sketch, their beautifully illustrated “Parlour Breakfast” menu puts you back in the late 1800’s wild-west, with lace, and ladies with fans, you can almost smell the tobacco, gin and talcum.

Sketch London Menu

5.) The Drift Bar London

Set yourself adrift in a food-fantasy land, escape from the busy London rush and pick from a selection of taste-bud tingling nibbles and meals. The circus tent butterfly house menu match the drift’s decor and attitude, with lobster, beef and veggie leaf icons to help potential patrons pick a plate.

The Drift Bar Menu

Menu Designs from Around the World

6.) Mr Brown, Mexico

“Muy Fresco, tan Burger!”

These boards spell the name “Mr Brown” and can hang on tables rather than take up valuable table real estate. Buen plan, Señor Brown!


7.) Hubbly Bubbly, Orlando.

Bright colours and light-hearted illustrations would serve any small or medium sized restaurant or take out well. A quirky poem always gets a smile, too!


 8.) The Pelican, Singapore

Combining sea-creatures with people and drink bottles is pure genius, if a bit odd. Certainly makes the Pelican stand out – great idea for any seaside eateries or seafood specialists!

Pelican Singapore

9.) Fade Street Social, Dublin

Illustrator Steve Simpson created this bonkers menu design for the Fade Street Social, conveying a sense of food-themed fun, and showcases the venue’s sense of humour and irish character – and not a mention of a shamrock or Guinness. So play to your strengths, if you have a sense of humour – use it.

Fade Street Dublin

10.) L’Encant, Spain

Celebrating the restaurant’s blend of Japanese and Catalan culture, the Nuria Vila team developed this concept, which pays homage to Japanese folding fans. Any swanky noodle bars or venues offering Japanese cuisine should be fans of this innovative design.



  1. Great ideas for designs! I love the look of The Railway Hotel one, reminds me of the olden days of railway travel, can almost imagine ladies & gentlemen in all their finery! L’Encant version is a great idea, really innovative and different from the usual menu layout – brilliant!

  2. Some really great menus,I especially like the Sketch one. it makes me want to go and find the restaurant for a parlour breakfast! Really inspiring.

  3. Thanks for the inspiration. There’s some ace looking menus on here. Sometimes for a designer it can be a little difficult coming up with an idea to design a menu – the mass of text dictates the design. Personally I always try and aim for something like the Mangetout menu – the type is beautiful, everything is spaced nicely and is pretty much a designer’s dream (though some bits aren’t too legible in this example!) And how awesome is the L’encant menu?!

  4. As a graphic Designer and food lover (trying to loose some weight though) i simply loved theses examples…ODD DOUBT: that “Clarence Yard” is “almost identical” to Byron Burger’s Menu…i don’t know if it was an homage or a “bald-faced copy”…or maybe they are from the same owner…or the same designer dealt with their menus…strange. On the positive side Mr Brown…Mexico with its innovative funny support and just loved also the astonishing and beautiful illustrations on The Pelican – Singapore and Fade street social – Dublin. Thanks for this post! awesome as the Solopress services and team.

  5. I think a restaurant’s menu sets the tone for the whole establishment, and I especially love the uniqueness of the designs for Mr Brown, Mexico and L’Encant, Spain. Very cool!


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