10 amazing cake designs

Amazing cake design of a life-sized, multicoloured unicord

Whether it’s to celebrate a special occasion, birthday or wedding –  a kick-ass cake will be the talk of the party. Here’s a look at some of our favourite cake designs from around the world!

1. Unicorn Mother & Baby

From the delicately crafted rainbow twirled mane, to the individual polychromatic feathers, this cake is completely edible. The sponge inside the cake is even rainbow too. Kudos to H. Sherman of Art2Eat cake designs.

unicorn_cake copy

2. Lego Cake Construction

Those bricks are all made of marzipan, although don’t try and scoff the digger – that’s definitely plastic. What a cool cake, hope I get one for my birthday! This one is from joscakesandcatering.com.


3. DJ’s Cake with Doughnut Headphones

Fade in and out with bits of kinder chocolate, check the levels with Rolo dials and spin those liquorice tunes.


4. Minecraft Cake

Well done graybarnbaking.com for giving us this lovely edible block, stay back creeper!


5. Ace of Cakes Nightmare before Christmas Wedding Cake

TV Superstars of the Food Network, Charm City Cakes, have since stopped being stalked by cameras, but here’s a popular favourite for a slightly alternative wedding cake topped with everyone’s favourite creepy couple.


6. Despicable Me – Minion Cake

Love them or hate them, minion-mania is in full swing. In his first year in this world Bentley had one of the best birthday cakes in existence, nice one Carisa’s Cakes.


7. Millennium Falcon

Arbitrary Star Wars Cake. Check.  (Cus it’s awesome.)


8. Pigs in Mud

If someone baked me this cake I’d be as happy as a pig in …chocolate.


9. Love Love Love Cake – Choccywoccydoodah

Ok so the focus is the chocolate, but man, what a cake! It’s so cool it even rides a retro scooter.


10. Simpsons Themed Baby Shower Cake

Leave it to the Canadians to spoil my appetite for cake, but so so cool. Thanks bakedinvancouver!



  1. I love all these cakes the detail and work that goes into them is amazing. The cake decorators can definatrly be described as artists. Have to say the Simpsons cake made me laugh, would have never thought of that for a baby shower. Brilliant 🙂

  2. These cakes are amazing … I just love the doughnut headphones .. I wish they would work for real !!! I would probably have eaten them by the end of the day if they did !

  3. I love the cakes that combine real items into them, like the Lego one one an actual piece of Lego. Although the mine craft one is a great and relatively simple idea for a cake I hadn’t thought of?

  4. Wow those are some super looking cakes. Wish I had me some minons to bake me one!

  5. I love baking. Thank you for sharing these amazing looking cakes. They are stunnning. I really like the unicorn, minion, and lego cake’s the best.

  6. Some fabulous ideas here I particularly love the Lego Cake, ideal for any little child’s birthday.

  7. Amazing work on these cakes – difficult to believe that anyone could cut into most of them – especially the unicorn & Star Wars ones!

  8. look awesome, my kids would seriously go nuts if they had one of these! (apart from the simpsons one which is so disturbing)

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