Minecraft Papercraft Studio app brings your computer creations to life

Minecraft Paper Craft studio

Officially endorsed by the Minecraft creators at Mojang, 57Digital’s Minecraft Papercraft Studio App is a fun way to turn your virtual creations into real 3D paper models…

Giving you the tools to produce real world 3D paper models of your Minecraft creations, the Minecraft Papercraft Studio App for iOS and Android by 57Digital in Sheffield is the only official Minecraft papercraft app on the apps market today.

Mobs, blocks, items and characters can all be printed onto thick paper or card and then glued together to create your own awesome Minecraft papercraft. Even items such as swords, pickaxes, diamonds and capes can be printed. The app also supports the new Minecraft skin format, enabling you to fully customise your character with the built-in editor.

Minecraft Papercraft

“Great app,” says one reviewer on the Google Play app store. “I’m having fun building my own mini house and my brother loved that he was able to make a mini him!”

“Definitely recommend,” adds another Google user. “This app has very accurate and flexible models. You can easily make any Minecraft character have moving legs with push pins. Amazing.”

Priced at £2.49 on iTunes, the Minecraft Papercraft Studio App requires iOS 5 or later and is designed for use on both the iPhone and iPad. The Android version costs £2.39 on Google Play.

What would YOU make in the Minecraft Papercraft Studio App? Please scroll down this page to the ‘Leave a Reply’ box below and post your message or Minecraft papercraft links (you can also comment via the Facebook panel)…

iPad version

iPhone version

Papercraft printouts

Minecraft Papercraft Studio App examples


  1. I am going to pass ,his onto my brother in law, he and his son love minecraft. They will be thrilled that they can create models like this

  2. My daughter would love this, she plays on minecraft almost every day. She is also very arty so it would kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

  3. I think I will have to DL this for my son. He absolutely loves Minecraft. Thanks for alerting me that it exists 😀

  4. This looks like something I would manage to spend even more time on than I do minecraft! Love that even items can be made as well, will definitely be checking this app out.

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