15 trendy and cool postcard designs

Romantic postcard with sunset and young man playing guitar to a young woman overlooking a beautiful bay.
Oia by Oliwia Gajda

Update your postcard portfolio or send something new this year on your travels with these 15 amazing postcard designs.

When we think of a postcard, we think of cliched drawings of beaches and archaic photos of a picturesque town. These are a thing of the past.

Postcards don’t have to be stereotypical or uninspiring. These designers have been tackling the out-of-date fashion of the postcard and revamping its image.

From totally retro to traditional with a twist, these are sure to inspire you and surprise your friends and family with something different!

White calligraphy handmade postcard
Hello from Someplace Beautiful by EmDashPaperCo
Modern, subtle postcard design with 'Thinking Of You' wording
Amanda Jane Jones Postcard Pack
3D pop up postcard by Man vs Ink shows a 3D drawn postcard of Portland
Man vs Ink Pop-Up Postcard
Postcard of Brooklyn's map with letterpress design.
Greetings from Brooklyn by pepperpressny
Quirky postcard design of Italian orange wrappers.
Louise Fili Ltd‘s Italian Orange Wrappers
Vintage 'save the date' postcard shows a couple having a romantic walk in the countryside.
Naomi by NostalgicImprints
Indian postcard with retro and pop culture style.
Mysore by Ranganath Krishnamani
Black and white postcards with photography with text overlay
Travel Postcards by APairOfPears
Quirky Google Maps style postcard
Victoria Siemer’s Greetings And Salutations
Mystical and fresh looking postcard in the wilderness.
Alpine by Ashley Earley
Romantic postcard with sunset and young man playing guitar to a young woman overlooking a beautiful bay.
Oia by Oliwia Gajda
Popping pxels in style of Japanese game show postcard
Tokyo by Unknown
Possibly Italian-inspired postcard of a giant pizza slice so-called 'pizzaland'
Chris Rushing‘s Pizzaland
Retrospective postcard
Wonderland by Atelier Olschinsky
Charity postcard promoting Pasadena for donations
Greetings From Pasadena by IAAP


  1. I like how some of the postcards play in the touch and visual part of the 5 senses. The 3D postcard brings a different look as well as the other postcard that is more centered of having the person feel the texture. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Such a big fan of this retro/outdoors look with 70’s style photo filtering. Definitely appears to be a nice trending design paradigm. I have lost count of hte amount of stamp-like and swirly font’s I now have installed on photoshop 🙂

  3. While I still love the look of the traditional postcards I really do love these. My favourite out of this bunch is ‘Greetings from Pasadena’.

  4. Some of these are really clever! I like the 30s retro feel to the Pasadena one. ‘Greetings And Salutations’ made me laugh out loud!


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