Star Wars and other 3D papercraft masks by Steve Wintercroft

Star Wars Stormtrooper 3D cardboard helmet

British designer Steve Wintercroft shows you how to create 3D papercraft masks, like the Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet shown here, from recycled cardboard boxes…

Star Wars Stormtrooper 3D cardboard helmet

Steve Wintercroft from Redruth in Cornwall has produced a series of awesome 3D papercraft masks of animals, pop culture and Halloween characters that you can recreate yourself using any pieces of cardboard laying around the home – like used cereal boxes or other packaging. Yes, it’s just like doing a Blue Peter project with bits of old cardboard and sticky back plastic. Only way cooler.

Wintercroft’s 3D papercraft mask templates, priced at around £5 each, are easy to build and can be assembled by anyone. Just print the templates on A4 paper, stick them to the card, cut them out, match the numbers and tape the parts together. The average mask is approximately 330mm tall by 365mm wide and will fit most adults.

“A couple of years ago, after receiving an invite to a Halloween party but struggling for costume ideas, I sat down with a pile of old cardboard, some parcel tape, a pair of scissors and plenty of hot tea,” says Steve Wintercroft. “An hour or so later and after some trial and error I had made myself a fox mask. The mask was well received so this year I redesigned it and added a couple of other animals.”

“They are a good, environmentally conscious alternative to shop bought masks and are also lots of fun to build,” adds Wintercroft. “Besides it’s very satisfying turning a waste 2D material in to a 3D mask.”

Here’s a selection of the 3D papercraft masks currently on offer:

Beagle Mask

Beagle 3D papercraft mask

Add a broken leg, a crutch and a boombox and we’ve got all the makings for a groovy Daft Punk fancy dress costume.

Daft Punk – Da Funk music video:

Fox Mask

Fox 3D mask

This Steve Wintercroft template also works well as a wolf mask.

Polygon Face Mask

3D polygon face mask

Anybody remember Max Headroom from the 1980s? Thanks to this YouTube compilation of Max’s best bits ever, you’ll be able to use some of his catchphrases while wearing your polygon face mask.

Pumpkin Mask (Jack-o’-Lantern)

Halloween pumpkin 3D papercraft mask

This Halloween Pumpkin design can be used as either a mask or a lantern – just remember to use a low voltage LED lamp rather than a candle to light it!

Skull Mask

Skull 3D cardboard mask

Paint the skull yellow if you want to go to the Halloween party dressed as Skeletor from Masters of the Universe.

Surprisingly, there’s no sign yet of an Autobot, Decepticon or any other kind of Transformer in Steve Wintercroft’s collection of 3D papercraft masks. Guess nobody wants to be a robot in disguise this Halloween.


  1. I find it odd that, at least for the Stormtrooper, the creator didn’t use shiny/photo paper to showcase idea, and also kept the cellotape on the inside. Other then that, these are really great.

    I might try making the Stormtrooper with the differences I mentioned. If I take my time, I think it could end up really looking great. Thanks for sharing these.

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