10 more brutally honest brand slogans

Honest brand slogan for Bic

Previously featured here in the Solopress blog, HonestSlogans.com is a brutally funny website that reimagines what big brand slogans would say if they were a little more honest with consumers…

“I started Honest Slogans – What People Really Think as a Tumblr back in December of 2011,” says graphic designer Clif Dickens. “From there, I was on The Today Show Australia and was featured on sites such as AdWeek, BusinessInsider, BuzzFeed, Gizmodo, The Daily Mail, The Huffington Post and more. Since then, I’ve had such an amazing overflow of feedback from fans of my work, and I could not be happier to continue creating new ones on a weekly basis.”

Here’s 10 more cleverly reworked brand slogans from the HonestSlogans.com archives –

Bic – You Probably Didn’t Buy It

Honest brand slogan for Bic

BuzzFeed – Nobody Cares Which Disney Character You’d Be

BuzzFeed honest slogan

Febreze – Give Your House The Smell Of Freshly-Laundered Garbage

Febreze honest slogan

Kickstarter – Get Money For Absolutely Anything

Kickstarter honest slogan

Lea & Perrins – Whatevershire Sauce

Lea & Perrins honest slogan

Louis Vuitton – Probably Fake

Louis Vuitton honest slogan

Slim Fast – Not So

Slim Fast honest slogan

Taco Bell – Also Open When You’re Sober

Taco Bell honest slogan

Toblerone – The Airport Chocolate

Toblerone honest slogan


  1. Love this, it’s true though. The Buzzfeed one is the one I like the most as I agree with it totally, get too many people on Facebook doing them an sharing it yet I couldn’t care less about what character or whatever they are

  2. Gosh.. I expect if I was brutally honest with my branding I would find myself out of a job.. still, would be hilarious!

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