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At Solopress, we’re proud of participating in several eco-initiatives, especially printing with recycled paper.

But what does that really mean? TCF, ECF, forest sustainable… it’s easy to use these terms without actually considering what they stand for, or what is done to make our print eco-friendly. Let’s shed a little light on what we mean when we state that Solopress is your “green” printer.

100% Recycled Paper

The majority of the paper we use for print is 100% recycled for offset, a common lithographic technique in which inked images are transferred from plates to the printing surface.

All of our pulp business cards and flyers are 100% recycled, 380mic and printed in a TCF (totally chlorine free) process, bleached without elementary chlorine, making them the most eco-friendly print we offer.

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Smart Choices For Silk And Gloss

Unfortunately, there is no cost-effective 100% recycled paper available for satin and gloss finish business cards, leaflets and posters at the moment. However, with a little dedication to both providing environmentally-responsible print and fair prices for our customers, we are pleased to offer 50% recycled silk and gloss for coated products. These products are also printed in a process that is ECF (elemental chlorine free), meaning no chlorine derivatives are used in the process.

Why Chlorine Free?

ECF or TCF printing with recycled paper are the best choices for the planet and for those who work in the print industry. Because they’re safer for everyone concerned, we believe it’s absolutely essential to print using one of these methods. Elemental Chlorine Free print uses no elemental chlorine gas during processing, instead opting for a derivative, known as chlorine dioxide. It prevents the formation of harmful chemical compounds that can be carcinogenic.

Best of all, Totally Chlorine Free print processes paper without no elemental chlorine or chlorine derivatives whatsoever, making it the best option whenever possible.

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 Carbon Balanced, Too

In addition to printing with recycled paper, we can also offer carbon balanced paper, to reduce the carbon impact of your marketing communications. We support this important World Land Trust initiative to ensure that our customers have a wide range of eco-friendly paper choices when they print with us.

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The Woodland Trust

Since June 2013 we’ve partnered with the Woodland Trust’s Woodland Carbon Programme, further making our commitment to printing with recycled paper. As well as planting trees and creating a new woodland here in the UK, we’ve committed to reducing our carbon footprint and purchasing at least 60 tonnes of carbon captured paper each year.

With a little effort and consideration, we in the commercial print industry can help protect the planet for future generations and ensure that our profession is “green” – no matter what colours we’re printing with!


  1. Loved this article on recycling! I always try and find recycled printing paper to use, but to be honest I had no idea what TCF, ECF, forest sustainable meant. As long as it said recycled I was happy. It was great to see that you have partnered with the Woodland Trust. Well done! This has proven to be a very interesting and informative article.

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