Solopress offset 200,000 kg of CO2

Solopress are proud to have offset over 200,000 kilograms of CO2, a significant milestone in continuing our environmental goals.

Achieving this in only three years is an incredible achievement and reiterates our commitment to furthering our green values. It shows that our concern for the environment goes beyond ticking boxes.

To be exact, we have offset 209,706 kilograms of carbon dioxide. This milestone wouldn’t have been possible without your overwhelming support for our Solopress Green range.

What is 200,000 KG of CO2?

200,000 kilograms is a huge number, so huge it can be difficult to understand the magnitude of it. To make this more digestible, here are some equivalent figures that 200,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide would be produced by:

  • Driving 621,200 kilometres in your car  
  • Putting on 215,000 wash cycles at 60˚C  
  • Producing 12,000 pairs of running shoes 
  • Producing 16,200 kilograms of beef 
  • Melting 600m3/600,000 litres of ice in the Arctic 
  • Setting off 200 hot air balloons at once 

Solopress’ environmental efforts

At Solopress, our concern for the environment goes beyond making token gestures. Ecological values are central to our mission and we’ll never introduce new products or policies without first considering the environmental consequences.

From our inception in 1999, we’ve always led the way with our green values. From being one of the first adopters of vegetable inks to having our entire operation on electricity derived from renewable sources, we’re proud to do our bit to help our planet.

Carbon offsetting with Solopress

One enormous step we took to improve our offering was enabling customers to carbon offset their print purchase and delivery when ordering certain products with us. 

Carbon offsetting is an attempt to balance out these emissions. The idea is that if you can’t avoid creating some carbon emissions, you can “offset” them by investing in projects or initiatives that reduce or remove greenhouse gases elsewhere. 

This option is currently available on some of our best-selling products, with the view to making this feature accessible across the majority of our range in the future. 

Since last summer, customers can offset the carbon on their orders for: 

If you choose to carbon offset your print with us, you can select to support three projects:

  • UK tree planting
  • Eritrea clean drinking water
  • Ocean cleaning projects

Continuing alongside ClimatePartner

We’ve been working with Climate Partner to track our carbon offsetting scheme since the start of 2021. This company provides climate action solutions to help businesses neutralise their carbon output.

These solutions range from climate action strategies to carbon-neutral products with the support of carbon offset projects. Since partnering, we’ve supported eight different projects:

  • Para, Brazil – Forest protection
  • Rio Kama, Nicaragua – Reforestation
  • Northeast, Brazil – Wind energy
  • Nashik, India – Wind energy
  • Bhatel, India – Wind energy
  • Sangli, India – Wind energy
  • Mersin, Turkey – Wind energy
  • Asia, continent-wide – Renewable energy

By calculating the carbon resulting from the manufacturing of materials used in our Solopress Green range, ClimatePartner guarantees that an equivalent contribution is made to all of the projects we support.

ClimatePartner currently has approximately 400 internationally recognised carbon offset projects all over the world, mainly in developing countries. They work alongside 3,000 companies in over 35 countries.

Certified green thumbs

Solopress are proud to be certified as conforming to the requirements of ISO 9001 for Quality Management Systems and ISO 14001 which covers Environmental Management Systems. These certifications are two internationally respected business standards.

If you want to print with people who value our planet, Solopress are here for all of your printing needs.