Toilet paper roll art by Junior Fritz Jacquet

Junior Fritz Jacquet toilet paper roll masks

Throughout history, artists have discovered new materials and ways to express themselves. It was only a matter of time, therefore, that an unassuming roll of toilet paper could become the medium of choice for a talented Parisian artist…

Junior Fritz Jacquet is an artist and sculptor from Paris with a passion for all things paper. Taking these papercrafting skills to the next level, he’s now even transformed ordinary toilet paper rolls into a series of beautiful, hand-made painted masks. But there’s nothing bog-standard about his art!

Junior Fritz Jacquet toilet paper roll masks

Pair of painted paper masks

Paper masks - before and after

Photo of Junior Fritz Jacquet and his paper art

Paper mask photo 1

Paper mask photo 2

Paper mask photo 3

JFJ has previously used more traditional paper forms such as cardboard and stationery in his work. His bigger masks, sized about 30cm to 40cm in height, are folded from a single sheet of white or black Canson paper.

What can we expect next from this prince of papyrus? Sandpaper sculptures? Rice paper renaissance art? Keep an eye on Junior Fritz Jacquet’s website (it’s available in French and English) to find out.


  1. This is so cool! I love the ideas! Will show my little girl, not sure how many more toilet roll rockets I can take!

  2. This is a much more productive way to spend your time on the lavatory. I usually just read a magazine.

  3. wow these are amazing. Always hanging on to toilet roll tubes looking for something to do with them (together with the grandchildren). I think this is rather beyone our skills, but inspiring.

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