Free UK Marketing Calendar 2024

Marketing Calendar

Surely we’re not the only ones asking ‘Where did 2023 go?!’… If you don’t want this next year to pass you by, you’re going to need a marketing Calendar to keep you on course throughout 2024. 

We want to make your year easier and we’ve got all options covered. Scroll down to the bottom to find your free marketing Calendar 2024.

Choose between our three options: our printed version delivered to you, downloadable artwork which you can amend and print yourself or an attachment to your email Calendar. 

Why a Wall Planner?

Wall Planners provide the perfect visual representation of the year ahead. Pick up a Pen, jot down your plans, and you’ll never get double-booked again!

They allow you to plan your upcoming weeks, months and year. They’re the ideal tool to improve organisation and prevent those dreaded double bookings.

Hang them in your office and it’ll be impossible to forget your targets for 2024.

What we’ve included on our marketing Calendar 2024:

  • All British bank holidays 2024
  • Religious dates and holidays
  • National and international days
  • UK patron saint days
  • National and international sporting events

We appreciate that not all of the dates we’ve included will be relevant for everyone! Even if they’re not entirely relevant to you or your business, they may be important to your customers! 

It’s a good idea to keep these dates in mind when planning your 2024 marketing activities so you’re aware of what’s happening and when as this could affect your customers or the impact of your work.

What features should you include on your marketing Calendar?

Essential things to include:

  • Dates relevant to your industry
  • Events you will be attending

Optional things to include:

  • Important dates related to your brand
  • Alternate national and international days
  • Different sporting occasions
  • Birthday’s from your team

How can I get my free marketing Calendar?

  1. Printed marketing Calendars – The deadline for this has ended.
  2. Downloadable artwork you can amend and print yourself
  3. Add these events to your email Calendar:

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