Live music – promoting with print

Promoting live music with print

Is there an industry that’s seen a rockier relationship between physical and digital media than Rock & Roll? We don’t think so. And although digital may be winning through in terms of how we consume recorded music, live music is all about being there.

It’s that connection you get through watching an artist do their thing on stage that holds such a magic appeal. It’s hard to imagine anything taking its place for fans of the live music experience.

So what could be more appropriate for promoting live music than something physical? A little piece of your creativity, enshrined in print, for your audience to check out or take away with them.

Whether you’re a solo artist, band member or live music promoter – advertising your event is vital to getting the word out. Producing marketing material will be high on your list, so here’s the Solopress guide to promotional print that will have you packing them in.


Amplify with Flyers

With your event looming on the calendar, it’s time to start promoting. A flyer is the classic piece of marketing collateral to press into the palms of potential gig-goers.

The local angle is vital when you’re targeting a specific scene. You know where your audience comes together in search of evening entertainment. You can hit those locations with confidence using flyers.

Whether you’re organising a rap battle or a tea dance, this lets you focus your efforts in the right cultural and geographical areas. A flyer is something for those people to take away and use as a reminder of your upcoming event.


Professional Posters

Did you ever sketch out your band posters as a kid? Don’t let that kid down! Making that dream a reality could be cheaper than you think with poster printing from Solopress.

Using A3, A2 or larger not only increases the impact of your posters through sheer size, but it also differentiates you from artists and events that have gone down the amateur home printing route.

After all, you’ll appear a whole lot more professional splashed across a large full-colour poster than on a black & white A4 sheet!


Just the ticket

While e-tickets are a thing now, not everyone has access to a printer. Aside from that, there’s just something special about a ticket with bespoke artwork. They help build anticipation and your attendees can keep as a memento after the event.

For local venues that don’t necessarily have door staff packing barcode readers, printed tickets also protect against forgery. This will help you to be sure you’re only admitting desirable, paying customers.

Timing is essential however, as Manchester’s Factory Records learned to their cost. Label-boss Tony Wilson commissioned the notoriously-painstaking graphic artist, Peter Saville to design the tickets for the opening night of the Haçienda nightclub. To his credit, Saville delivered an iconic design – sadly, a few days after the event had taken place!


Success is on the cards

A business card might not seem like the most Rock ‘n’ Roll item in the world, but they can be invaluable for securing follow-on work, especially for function bands or tributes. They’re almost as requested as Wonderwall, and they’re without doubt your most useful piece of promo material after a show.

Imagine you’ve just left the stage and the DJ has fired up his sound system. It’s far simpler to hand over a card than try to shout out or scribble down your contact details to a prospective client who wants to book you.

And if that prospective client goes on to party through the night, he or she can discover your card in their pocket the next morning. Perfect if their memory of your encounter is a little hazy…


From the printers to the punters…

Regardless of whether you’re the one promoting or the one performing, nothing beats unwrapping your freshly printed material. It’s a moment of validation for you, but it also lends a sense of legitimacy and professionalism to your event. When your audience sees your beautifully designed, perfectly printed promo campaign, they’ll know you mean business – and that they’re in for a great night.