Table Talkers get the conversation going


You’ve finally created that ultimate cocktail you know your clientele will love. Or perhaps, your chef has come up with a fabulous burger that just has to be featured this month. 

Whatever your reason, if you’re after an eye-catching way to alert your customers to specific menu items or sales in your bar, pub, restaurant or cafe, you need to print table talkers!

solopress table talkers brand new product for bar or restaurant

Promote Deals

Remind your customers of the fact that starters are 2 for 1 every Thursday, or which cocktails are on special during certain nights of the week. With table talkers, those fabulous prices and promotions are put where they’re sure not to miss out. Never again will the patrons of your cafe or pub be craning their necks to see the latest offers written up on a board – they can’t help but notice what’s right in front of them.

Highlight New Items

You know that your latest pasta creation or gourmet burger is delicious, and tastes as amazing as it looks. But will your customers catch on? Printing table talkers with photos and details about your new menu items will entice people to try them out. The photos will catch their eye, and the list of ingredients will ensure it’s the taste they’re after.

This is also true for table talkers used to feature new drinks at bars, pubs and coffee shops. Even if you’re not advertising a drink you create in-house, they can be printed to let everyone know about a new brand of beer you now stock. You might even want to feature which are the latest coffee syrups you have on offer.

cool example of bar table talkers

Offer Supplementary Menus

The main menu of your cafe might be designed to focus on food, and thus choc-full of delicious starters, mains and sides. But what about those additional menu items, like drinks lists and desserts? Table talkers are an excellent and inexpensive way to create separate, supplementary menus. Why pack it all in to a giant menu, with areas that could be overlooked?

Print Seasonal Menus

Instead of coughing up the extra money to reprint menus several times a year to include seasonal dishes, you may also want to consider table talkers as a great method to make customers aware of special time-sensitive offerings. Special menus for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter can feature locally-sourced, in-season ingredients that your clientele will find interesting. Make sure they can access that information easily when they sit down to eat.

a cool example of table talkers from a ukrainian designer

Not Just Food And Drinks

The great thing about table talkers is that you can use them for much more than just bars, coffee shops and restaurants. Spas and salons also make use of this fabulous print medium, printing sales, product lists and menus of services to display in waiting areas. Table talkers can event be used to advertise classes or personal training sessions at gyms, if you place them on counters and in dressing rooms. Some retail shops like to include them in strategic locations on shelves next to displays of clothing or other products. Furthermore, offices can use them to print reminders for clients and place them in their reception or meeting areas.

Whatever your business, table talkers are worth considering as a cost-effective and simple way to draw attention to anything you’d like to promote. From new lattes to new jumpers, when they feature useful information and bold designs they’re certain to catch your customers’ eyes.


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