How to benefit from using table talkers

When your business has lots to shout about, from unmissable deals to exciting new products, finding the space and budget to advertise everything can be tricky.

Table talkers are a cost-effective and compact way to promote – helping to get customers engaging with your brand.

Learn how table talkers can benefit your business with this guide.


What are table talkers?

solopress table talkers brand new product for bar or restaurant

Table talkers are table-top advertisements mostly used in cafes and restaurants to catch customers’ eyes while they’re eating.

They’re a highly affordable way to showcase a deal, product or raise awareness about your brand.

Each table talker is made with a slightly thicker paper type, ranging from 350 to 457gsm – helping them to stand freely vertically or to be laid on their side – learn more about paper types.

They consist of three sides, which means several different promotions can be added to a single table talker – giving you three advertisements in one.


Benefits of table talkers

Some key benefits of table talkers include…

  • Make your deals shine
  • Highlight new products or offers
  • Draw attention to lesser-known products
  • Keep up with seasonal trends
  • Promote your brand


Make your deals shine

Whether you’ve got a one-off special or a recurring offer, table talkers help inform customers of your current deals with their unique design.

With three panels available to advertise on, you can include a variety of offers to appeal to different types of customer.

This could be a promotion for a specific day or time, such as 2-4-1 Thursdays, or used to showcase a specific product, like buy two coffees and get a free muffin.


Highlight new products or offers

cool example of bar table talkers

When it comes to introducing a new product, customers can often be hesitant to buy and slow to catch on to why they need it.

Printing a table talker with photos and details about your new offering will entice people to try them out.

Even if you’re not advertising something you create in-house, table talkers can be printed to let everyone know about a new brand of beer you now stock, or to feature your latest coffee syrups.


Draw attention to lesser-known products

The main menu of your café or restaurant might be designed to focus on food, but what about your other additional offerings such as drinks and desserts?

Table talkers are an excellent and inexpensive way to create separate, supplementary menus.

Why pack it all into a giant menu where some items may be overlooked, when you can give them their own spotlight?


Keep up with seasonal trends

a cool example of table talkers from a ukrainian designer

Instead of spending excess money re-printing a menu ready for Christmas or another seasonal event, use a table talker.

Table talkers are a great way to introduce customers to time-sensitive offerings, such as an Easter-themed dessert or drink. They can also be used to highlight locally-sourced, in-season ingredients.


Promote your brand

A table talker doesn’t always have to be used to boost sales. Instead, you can use yours to raise awareness of your brand.

This could be a special event happening in your establishment, such as an open mic night.

Or, it could also be a great way to show off your brand’s personality, through a weekly joke or recent news about new staff or a change in the business.


Any industry can benefit from them

Table talkers can be used for more than just bars, coffee shops and restaurants, for example:

  • Spas and nail salons – print sales, product lists and menus of services, or advertise classes or personal training sessions at gyms – tips on promoting a nail salon.
  • Retail shops – place a table talker in a strategic location, such as on shelves next to displays of clothing, to advertise an offer or showcase an item.
  • Offices – print reminders for clients and staff on a table talker and place them in reception or meeting areas.


Whatever you’re promoting, table talkers from Solopress can draw your customers’ attention – with free UK delivery and a quick turnaround. Shop table talkers today.