Top Tips For Marketing Your Nail Salon

marketing your nail salon with great images and deals

If you run a beauty business, you’ve got some stiff competition. Stand out with these top tips for marketing your nail salon! 

New locations are opening up all the time, and many spas are incorporating nail treatments into a larger menu of services. If you are creative and motivated, however, there is no reason why you can’t stand out as professional, polished and unique as one of your signature manicures.

marketing your nail salon with great images and deals

Make The News

Don’t assume that the days of advertising in the newspaper are over. Many people still turn to their local paper or parish newsletter to catch up on news and events. A well-placed advertisement, with a coupon, can really stand out and attract new customers into your salon. Plus, it gives people something tangible to cut out and bring in with them, which many people still prefer.

Drop Some Leaflets

In strategic locations, of course! An eye-catching leaflet will feature vivid colour and design. It must make it easy to understand what you do, where you’re at and how to get in touch with you. It should also feature something specific to entice recipients to visit your salon, like a code for a discount or details about an upcoming promotional event. Arrange to have them distributed in the surrounding area for the best chance of bringing more traffic through your door.

Go Networking

As fantastic as your other marketing options are, nothing beats connecting with people face to face. When marketing your nail salon, this is especially true. It will not only enable others to discover that you’re a passionate professional and an expert in your field; they can also check out your fabulous nails in person!

Another great aspect of networking is the possibility of connecting with others in related fields. Develop a great rapport with the owner of a nearby tanning salon, massage therapy clinic, eyelash and eyebrow studio or similar, and you open up a whole new world of marketing possibilities. Partner with them on a cross-promotional deal and you’ll benefit from having your business exposed to their customers. Plus, you could split the cost of any related marketing, such as Facebook ads or flyers.

marketing your nail salon treatments

Get Online

There has been much encouragement lately for businesses to develop a great online presence and be active on social media. This is especially the case when you’re marketing your nail salon, however, as social sites provide a lot of great opportunities for advertising and making connections. In addition to the staples such as Facebook and Twitter, nail artists might benefit from using visual-heavy networks like Pinterest and Instagram.

Stuck on what to share? Think broader than just reminding people of upcoming sales, services offered and opening hours. Photos of your happy client’s nails (particularly the really creative examples) will go over well and win you lots of viewers. You could also offer value-added content that your clients will benefit from, such as tips on post-manicure nail care and educational posts on the differences in artificial nails or hand and foot health.

Try A Flash Sale

Whether you use a limited-time coupon service like Groupon or social media such as Snapchat, an extremely limited-time only deal can go over a treat with clients who are quick to catch on. On Snapchat, for example, first spend time building up followers by posting photos of all the awesome mani-pedis you’ve done. Then, roll out a quick deal, like “gel nails 50% off to the first 5 people who call this number and book” or “come in and show me this Snap in the next 2 days for free jewels on your nail art.” The possibilities are endless.

Reward Loyal Customers

Once you’ve really started generating a wealth of new clients, it’s time to say thanks. Reward them for their custom, and keep them coming back, with loyalty cards. While the most logical choice is to go with “buy 9 nail treatments, get the 10th free” there’s no law saying they have to be for a complete manicure. Add-ons and upgrades can be included, like special treatments or appliques clients might not normally splurge on.

manicures and pedicures are the staple of marketing your nail salon

Donate To Charity

Give away one free service, gain a new stream of clients and some excellent free publicity. Whether you’ve been approached by a local charity or you seek out a cause that’s meaningful to you, why not consider donating a manicure or pedicure as a prize for a charity auction or raffle? It’ll certainly be popular. You’ll benefit from increased name recognition and, if it’s for an event, you might even see your business included in advertising or the newspaper. Best of all, you’ll be doing something kind for a great cause.

Pick and choose what works best for your business and budget; whatever route you take, these ideas for marketing your nail salon can be helpful for boosting your business in 2015!


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