Hartes Beauty – promoting a brand from a secluded location

Hartes Beauty Logo

Hidden inside a gym, Hartes Beauty was struggling to advertise its services and bring in new customers. With our help, the salon has increased brand awareness – attracting and retaining new clients.

Introducing Hartes Beauty

Hartes Beauty is a boutique salon in Rochford, Essex. Based inside a gym, the salon offers treatments ranging from nail care to festival makeup. Owner Danielle manages the business single-handedly – from appointments and reordering stock to social media.

But she faced some big challenges.

Danielle came to Solopress seeking marketing products to improve her visibility – both inside the gym and in the town and wider area.

What challenges has Hartes faced?

This small beauty salon hidden inside a gym struggled to make itself heard. Limited by its position away from the busy high streets, which offer much greater visibility, and competing with spas and their vast services, Hartes Beauty faced a real challenge in brand awareness.

Owner Danielle identifies her biggest challenge as ‘trying to entice new clients to use my beauty salon if they are not a gym member’.

So, the main problem is attracting clients from outside the gym. But Danielle also wanted help to inspire existing gym members to become salon clients.

The salon is tucked out of sight of the main gym area, so many members may visit for a workout without even seeing it.

How Solopress helped

Hartes Beauty Business Cards & Leaflets

Limited by her secluded location, Danielle decided to invest in print marketing. She originally chose Solopress as ‘the best printing company local to me’ and has now been using our services for three years. We’ve handled all the print marketing for Hartes Beauty, including:

  • Flyers: Away from the gym, handing out flyers in the local community can help reach a wider audience. For more tips on distributing flyers, read our guide.
  • Business Cards: Always having your brand to hand with a business card is an important tool in advertising and networking.
  • Loyalty Cards: These encouraged new and existing customers to continue using Hartes’ services to build towards a discounted treatment.
  • Posters and A-Boards: Displaying posters inside an A-board helped increase foot traffic to the salon from gym members.
  • Roller Banners: Placed in the main entrance, roller banners have helped advertise the business – both inside and outside the gym.

Alongside this, Danielle also began sharing and advertising her services online to reach a wider audience.

“I promote my business on social media including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I also have my own website and I advertise in the gym using Solopress’ products.”

Danielle has offset the impact of being hidden inside a gym to…

  • grow her branding
  • attract new customers
  • reward existing customers.

Why Solopress?

Alongside printed materials, it was also important to Danielle to find a company with whom she enjoys working.

When asked why she continues to use Solopress, Danielle said: “I find the Solopress website very easy to use, allowing me to upload my artwork with no stress. My products are always ready very quickly and staff are very helpful.”

Running a small business, Danielle is not always clear when she needs to order more products. With free next day delivery, Solopress gives Danielle the flexibility she needs.

As another local business owner in Essex, Danielle put her trust in our services the first time she ordered with Solopress. However, it’s our award-winning customer service which made her sure she ‘absolutely would not go anywhere else’. And with our easy-to-navigate website, she can upload her artwork fuss-free.

The Results

Hartes Beauty Roller Banner

Since using Solopress, Danielle has started to bring in more business and raise awareness to her salon.

“Without having my promotional materials in the gym, including posters, banners and flyers, then no one would know my salon is here – and I wouldn’t gain any new clients,” she says.

“Before I had my banner up, not many gym members knew my salon was here as my room is out of sight,” she explains.

“But since having that up at the main entrance, it really has helped attract new customers, as well as my A board with posters from Solopress.”

She doesn’t plan on stopping there, either. Continuing to work with us in the future, Danielle hopes to further grow her business.

When faced with a challenge as big as your location, you’ll need to get creative in your marketing efforts. Danielle has improved her business with help from Solopress, turning her location into an opportunitiy rather than a limitation.

See how your business can do the same with our guide to the advantages of using offline marketing.