Poster printing for nursery schools – 7 essential marketing tips

Starting nursery school is a big moment for every child. However it’s the parents and carers who are even more anxious than their little ones on the first day, desperate to know they’ve made the right schooling choice for their children. But how can you make YOUR nursery school stand out from the competition?

Posters are a fantastic way to publicise your nursery school – for very minimal fuss and cost. By following these 7 simple steps to poster printing success, courtesy of Solopress – The 24hr Turnaround Printers, you’ll quickly become the No. 1 choice for nursery schools in your neighbourhood.

Poster Printing for Nursery Schools - 7 Essential Marketing Tips

1. Promise large

Nursery schools give young kids a valuable introduction to the world of education, the opportunity to develop new skills at their own pace and, perhaps most importantly of all, mix with a large group of children of their own age. Parents expect your nursery school to be a safe space – with a relaxed, happy atmosphere – staffed by friendly and caring people.

It’s your job when advertising or marketing your nursery school that your establishment meets, and hopefully far exceeds, these parental expectations. Show and tell them all about your nursery school’s unique features, your inspirational staff, your terrific pupils, your success stories, etc. in your poster. If you offer healthy cooked meals, or if you’ve won any awards for excellence, then shout about it. Once a parent truly believes your nursery school is a Shangri-La for early learning, they’ll soon be clamouring for an application form to sign up junior.

2. Few things are designed well

It may be quaint if your poster looks like it’s been designed by one of your star students, aged 3, but will that really convey the professionalism of your organisation? Creativity, artistic talent and a keen eye for good design are skills not all of us are lucky enough to possess. If you need help with the design, don’t be shy about getting it. Of course, will always be glad to design an amazing poster for you. Our in-house designers have years of experience and a creative edge that’s second to none.

3. Lost in translation

If your nursery school is based in a culturally diverse area, have you considered translating your poster into other languages such as Bengali or Somali?

4. Fun days

The owners and staff at nursery schools should always be pleased to meet new children and parents, and be happy to show them around and answer all their frequently asked questions. That way, parents can see for themselves what you do and just how well you do it.

Why not take this concept a step further and actually organise an open day at your nursery school? Laying on lots of fun activities like face painting, bouncy castles, cake stalls, healthy snacks, refreshments and free stickers will entertain the kids and suitably impress any parents. Ensure every child leaves with a balloon, while their parents have a nice glossy brochure about your nursery school to read. Naturally, each item you print and give away will be fully branded with your bright, colourful logo and website address.

If you haven’t got a Facebook page set up yet for your nursery school, make sure this is up and running before your open day is held. Then post up pictures and videos from the event (ask for parental permission before you start snapping away with any cameras) and invite parents to comment on your Facebook posts.

Fully engage with any would be parents. Answer any queries they may have – truthfully and quickly. You’ve got to earn their trust. Get to know the parents and their kids will follow suit.

5. Special offers

It never hurts to sweeten any deal, unless your nursery school is in the incredibly lucky position of already being fully booked up for the year ahead. If you’re currently experiencing a downturn in pupil applications, or starting up a new business, try offering a week or month free at your nursery school for any parents who are willing to book early. You could try contacting a money off vouchers website and place a deal for your nursery school on there.

Maybe you can offer a special hamper or gift set as a reward to any businesses when they refer parents to your nursery school. Also take a look at the websites of other nursery schools and see what promo ideas you can get from them. Never be afraid to try something different as well, though.

6. Where do mums hang out a lot?

So you’ve got a great poster designed and exciting marketing campaign ready to go, now you’re ready to distribute your posters. Parents who want to organise a nursery place for their children will usually get in touch with their preferred school by the time the child reaches the age of two. Therefore, the earlier you attract the attention of mum, the better your chances that it will be your nursery school that she’ll eventually pick.

Target all the places where young mothers, and expectant mums, will frequently visit. Your local GP surgery, health centre, hospital, maternity ward, supermarket, shopping centre, car park, baby store, toy shop, coffee house, cafe, community centre, gym, sports club, swimming pool, park, public library, church and other religious centres are just a few of the places where you can ask to display your posters.

If your nursery school is near a main road you could have a huge poster or sign made up and placed next to the road for cars and passerbys to see. Likewise, if your nursery school faces a busy road put out a sandwich board with your poster on it, or fix all weather banners on the school fence or buildings, so people see them as they drive and walk by.

Are there any local baby or mother fairs where you could take a stand at? Even estate agents could be your friends! How often do you think people viewing a new house or flat will ask if there’s any good nurseries or schools nearby to send their children to?

Don’t forget to liberally hand out your nursery school leaflets and business cards at every opportunity too.

7. Poster child

Word of mouth and personal recommendations are the best form of publicity for any business, especially with something as important to a parent as choosing the perfect nursery school for their child. Mums talk to other mums.


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