The phenomenon of unusual job titles

skeptical about unusual job titles

It’s a trend that’s being gaining momentum for the last few years and doesn’t seem set to stop any time soon; people with unusual job titles. 

With the current economy giving way to a growing number of startups, and the popularity of social media as a legitimate marketing medium, unorthodox job titles have emerged. Initially limited to self-promotional terms like “ninja,” “maven” and “guru,” lately they’ve reached a new level of wackiness.

business ninja unusual job titles

Making An Impression

As social media sites like LinkedIn have established themselves as places to promote oneself and make business connections, many people have felt the increased need to stand out. Accordingly, some people’s titles have begun to change.

Many folks hope that unusual job titles will give them and edge and broadcast their individuality, trying to continually outdo each other to get ahead. And new businesses often employ these naming tactics to inflate the way their employees are perceived, or how big their company looks.

unusual job titles making you stand out

The Tech And Social Boom

While lately it seems as though no industry is safe from the lure of unusual job titles, the tend to occur more often with startups, tech companies and digital marketing professionals. Established businesses are still less likely to employ such naming tactics.

It seems that as the use of social media has increased in business, more importance has been placed on bringing “personality” to business in an effort to drive engagement with customers and set companies apart from their competitors.

While that’s not a bad thing, the creative naming practices that have emerged are slightly suspect. Even as the tech and digital industries have become more established, job titles haven’t matured along with them.

juvenile business man

Negative Impact

While being a little creative with your position can give a real advantage, some overly unusual job titles might do more harm than good. Opting for a creative name over a traditional one is risky, as it might convey that you don’t take your work seriously. Once a strategy for trailblazers, it’s now perceived as juvenile or naive, and can result in great career opportunities being missed.

skeptical about unusual job titles

Unusual Job Titles

Some of the most unorthodox job titles are as follows. And while most of them relate to digital marketing professionals, there are quirky representatives from other industries. If you’re running a startup or trying to stand out in a sea of candidates, these may be a bit too far-fetched to consider.

  • Digital Overlord
  • Creator of Happiness
  • Wizard of Light Bulb Moments
  • Chief Chatter
  • Direct Mail Demi God
  • Social Wrecking Ball
  • Social Media Swami
  • Public Happy Maker
  • Thoughtsmith
  • Fashion Evangelist
  • Hacker In Residence
  • Retail Jedi
  • Part Time Czar

The moral of the story is don’t be afraid to stand out, but be reasonable. What might look clever and amusing to you when splashed across a business card might be off-putting to those you aim to do business with. And in an increasingly competitive business environment, you can’t afford to take that chance.