Which font styles mean business?

Have you ever spent hours trying to figure out the best font style for your print work? Well here are some things you should be thinking about when choosing the ideal font style for your business!

Font Style

It’s important to think about what style of font might be most appropriate for your business. For example, if your business is known for being creative or innovative then it might be important to use an original font style to reflect this, rather than a standard font, such as Times New Roman. Unless you’re after a specific look, a serif font like Times New Roman most often just looks like, boring unformatted text.

Some fonts will just look like you haven’t made an effort…


Consider your medium – what kind of literature are you designing and what is it’s purpose? If you are designing a poster for a one off event or to highlight a special offer, you may choose a bolder or more eye-catching font that you’d use for more formal literature such as letterheads.  There is nothing wrong with mixing things up occasionally as this can be really eye-catching and generate interest, but if you use too many different fonts or styles for each item, the effect will be inconsistent and confused.  Save the wild and wacky fonts for special occasions.

Too many fonts can spoil the alphabet soup.

Don’t get carried away!

Avoid style over substance – it can be easy to get carried away with your font selection. We have often seen original font choices that are in fact illegible, so it is worth checking that you and your target audience will be able to read the document easily.


Low Resolution Issues 

Consider how your font will translate onto the printed document. If you are printing a proof from a low resolution printer, subtle font characteristics such as delicate serifs or fine lines will not get printed, which means the final document may not look exactly as you were expecting.


  1. I’d never thought of this before. Personally I love Calibri, though most popular fonts beside Comic Sans are usually good enough.

  2. Yes, the wrong font can cheapen or deflate your message instantly. While some elegant slender ones give an air of sophistication in glossy magazine advertising. The same job an elegant slender model does for the clothes.

  3. I hate fancy and small fonts, they make reading anything so annoying. Best to keep it simple and let the words on the page
    shine through!

  4. The one font that should be avoided at all cost (unless you’re doing something for primary svhool kids): comic sans

  5. Very interesting thank you. I hadn’t really considered that Times New Roman might be classed as boring these days…. Solicitors the world over must be tearing out their hair!!

  6. Very useful article – I suppose it’s obvious when you think about it but I wonder how many businesses use totally inappropriate fonts? An undertaker using Comic Sans might not be getting the calls!

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