Font of the day – Risotto Script

Solopress' Font of the Day is Risotto Script!

Looking for the best font to liven up your Restaurant Specials Board or a whimsical script typeface to brighten your Menu? Try Risotto Script to get that high-end Bistro or Brasserie feel.

Designed by Felipe Calderón, Risotto Script is an ideal typeface for whetting the appetite of restaurant patrons, people in supermarkets and delicatessens.

Italian Menu Font

This Calligraphy is inspired by folded pen and food packaging, and it works great with whatever food you put it with; packaging or menu!

Specials Board Font

Risotto font makes you want to scoff it down, with it’s scrumptious vegetable vibes and texture, with flourishes and filigree like herbs and roots.

Risotto Script Dessert Font Example

You can purchase Risotto Script for as little as £5.10 for the standard version or £11.70 for the pro (at time of writing this font is on Sale, prices may differ in future) check out for a good deal, and an extras package at £2.40 which includes dingbats and ornaments.

Risotto Script Packaging Font Example

This font isn’t for body or paragraph text, use it for big headers as it takes up quite a bit of real-estate with high ascenders and long descenders!


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