Eco friendly fonts – save ink with these typefaces


Ryman Eco: The World’s Most Beautiful Sustainable Font

Ever since a 14 year old proposed to the US Government, that they could save $136m by swapping the typeface it used on its public documents to one that consumed less ink, advertisers and companies have put efforts into creating a beautiful, eco font – like Ryman Eco.

Ryman Eco Font

Made for UK retailer Ryman Stationary, the characters are made up of lines which aren’t too easy to discern when printed, but visible on screen. This means the letters are still completely legible but use less ink when printed! Agency Grey London claim that Ryman Eco reduces the ink burden by 33%.

Each year there are 1.5 billion printer cartridges sold, which contain non-biodegradable materials and toxic chemicals. Ryman Eco can use up to 33% less ink than standard fonts such as Arial, Helvetica, Times New Roman, and Verdanna, and 27% less in than other sustainable fonts.

Switching to Ryman Eco when printing your business cards, leaflets, brochures and even just regular documents from your printer can save you money on ink, and help conserve the environment. If everyone switched to Ryman Eco when printing, we could save over 490 million ink cartridges, equivalent to 6.5 million tons of Co2 emissions a year, according to Grey London.

Download Ryman EcoFont Here. It’s Free!

Ryman Eco Font

EcoFont Software: Holy Font!

Don’t fancy switching from your favourite fonts such as Arial, Helvetica and Georgia? That’s fine! Just purchase EcoFont Software and this clever program will punch holes in your printed fonts (not the paper!).

Ecofont software saves ink and toner by leaving small holes in the letters. These holes are never visible on screen and on paper our brains just ignore them.


Ecofont also removes images and other unnecessary items from print and claims to save up to 50% in printing costs. Sadly it’s only for Windows users, so Linux and Mac OS people, you’ll have to stick with Ryman, but for public sector organisations, such as councils this is a great way to save money and stop wasting ink. 

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  1. I work for a natural burial company, so we are always looking for new ways to be environmentally friendly… These fonts are beautiful as well, so will definitely look into this idea and potentially use this in the future!

  2. I remember learning about saving money through typography in A Level English Language, very interesting to find out about, and this article gives a good insight to that.

  3. Wow! Great idea and a good looking font too. Prefer the lines to the dots and will certainly be having a closer look and recommending to colleagues 🙂

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