The business card that looks like an iPhone

Business Card made from Apple iPhone screen

An unnamed Apple software engineer has commissioned this ultra-cool business card that’s actually made from a real iPhone screen…

Business Card made from Apple iPhone screen

Image Source: Cult of Mac

I work for one of the UK’s top printing companies so it’s not very often that I get envious of somebody else’s business card. But for this awesome combination of geek and chic, I’ll make an exception.

Made from a real iPhone screen, this amazing business card is the brainchild of an unnamed Firmware Engineer working in Apple’s global HQ located at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino, California. One of the team in the iPod, iPhone and iPad accessories division, he reportedly wore this business card on a lanyard around his neck at Apple’s last Worldwide Developers Conference. Even Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs had a regular business card made out of paper, just like most of us do.

Obviously not a person to compromise, or go for a quick fix like using plastic, the engineer has opted for a unique and difficult to manipulate material for his business card. The lettering had to be etched by laser onto the iPhone screen’s tough, hardened Gorilla Glass – a tricky and expensive process to get right without shattering the screen.

Little wonder then, that production was extremely limited to a run of just 10 cards. Although with a business card this cool, would YOU be able to give one away to a complete stranger?

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  1. I do like this idea. This is so imaginative and creative and different from other business cards. Definitely one that would get you noticed.

  2. I love the effect & could imagine these being realistically produced if cheaper but similar hardened-screen type materials were used.

    Can you also imagine having these for a few months though, and handing them out…

    “Oh cool, but it’s printed on a screen of an iPhone 4s… that’s so 2013…”

    You’d spend a fortune having them remade every 6 months keeping up with the latest Apple iThing release!

  3. This is a super cool idea for the business cards! We are always trying to come up with creative ideas but it becomes sooo difficult when at the end most of them all look the same. This is def a keeper!

  4. This is a great idea, and very eye catching.

    Would certainly make me think twice about throwing this one into ‘the pile’.

  5. Well it made me do a double take and got me talking about it to the guys in the office! Great unique, modern and quirky idea

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