Latham Street goes to print

In the last blog from our “Grow with the Pros” series, we looked at how each of our three businesses developed their particular brand design and voice. In the case of fashion label Latham Street, their logo is so popular that they’ve opted to print branded merchandise.

We’ve been working with Lorna Minter from Latham Street to create some printed products for resale in the Leigh-on-Sea store and online at So far, Lorna has selected T-shirts, Tote Bags, Water Bottles and Re-usable Coffee Cups. In keeping with the brand’s ecological values, each item has been selected with sustainability as a priority.

A brand in demand 

In our previous blog post about logos and colours, we delved into Latham Street’s brand design approach. Latham Street has managed to craft a distinctive brand identity that is both retro and current. It also represents business values that appeal strongly to their core audience.

As a result, there’s an appetite among Latham’s Street’s customers to associate with the brand through clothing and accessories that bear the Latham Street logo. Lorna told us:

“Ever since we launched the brand, we’ve had customers coming up and asking for products with the “smiley” logo. Whenever we feature it prominently, whether that’s actual pieces or merch or accessories, they’re always hugely popular!”

To satisfy this appetite, Lorna has used print to create retail products that showcase the brand. It’s a great place to be for a fashion label. When customers have a desire to display your logo on T-shirts and Bags, they’re likely to catch the eye of yet more fashionistas.

Logo T-shirts

Consideration for the environment plays a huge role in Lorna’s decision-making, so it was no surprise that she opted for recycled T-shirts from Solopress.

Latham Street’s tagline is ‘Reused, Remade, Reloved.’ While this slogan has a lot to do with the use of reclaimed vintage clothing and textiles, it’s also an expression of the brand’s eco-conscious values.

Black, white and green all over

The Solopress range of recycled T-shirts is made from 100% GRS-certified recycled polyester. Polyester makes for a great recycled textile because the integrity of the material is not compromised by the recycling process. Polyester is durable, colour-fast, quick-drying, resistant to stains and creases, and all of these positive properties are retained in the recycled product.

With the combination of that in-demand logo and the eco-friendly material, these Latham Street T-shirts couldn’t be more on-brand. The short sleeve recycled T-shirt comes in black with the white logo on the front and with the colourways reversed, with a white long sleeve version also available.

Bags of style

Another great choice for the brand was our Cotton Tote Bags. The 100 g/m² cotton is certified organic by OEKO-TEX®. That means the material is guaranteed to have been manufactured without the use of GMOs. It’s also tested for pesticides and other harmful substances. Again, these products are a great fit with Latham Street’s brand values. 

We offer these cotton tote bags in over a dozen different colours, with either short or long handles. Latham Street chose the long, 30cm handle version to serve more as a shoulder bag than a carrier. This option, along with the black and white colourways, suits the brand’s aesthetic and audience perfectly. With their 7 litre capacity, they’re both stylish and practical for customers.

Water Bottles with a mission

Continuing their eco-friendly theme, the Water Bottles that Latham Street sourced from us are not only recycled, but they’re made from “prevented ocean plastic”. That means the material that goes into the bottles has been salvaged from within 50km of an ocean coastline or waterway with an outlet into an ocean. This effectively stops the plastic from entering the ecosystem.

The ever-popular glitched smiley logo is “screen round” printed onto the bottle. Screen round is a similar print method to screen printing. With screen round, the item is rotated while it’s printed, making it perfect for products like bottles. In this instance, Latham Street went for a stylish black logo, but print is available in up to 4 colours. 

Re-usable Coffee Cups

Helping the environment in a different way, Latham Street’s reusable Coffee Cups let the customer cut down on their use of disposable cups. Double-wall vacuum insulation means that the customer’s drink stays at the right temperature, whether that’s hot or cold.

The Insulated Tumbler design that Lorna selected is clean and simple, and printed in black, the logo sits perfectly against the stainless steel. Logo printing on both the Water Bottles and Coffee Cups serves to elevate the product and broadcast the brand.

Believe in labels

Lorna has worked hard to build an audience that desires to associate with Latham Street. By focussing on merchandise that features the Latham Street Logo, Lorna has recognised what an asset her brand is to her business. People feel connected with its progressive approach, its club culture vibes and its bona-fide eco-values. By highlighting the logo in this way, Latham Street is able to spread the message of its brand even further.