Top 10 Awesome Big Ben Themed Gifts


As you may already know, from Monday, 21st August, the famous Big Ben’s chimes will be paused until an undetermined date (with the exception of the New Year’s Eve and Remembrance Sunday).

It is hard to imagine London without its regular symbolic bongs, but silencing the bells will allow for the safe refurbishment and repair of the clock mechanism.

If you happened to be a massive Big Ben enthusiast and would like to commemorate this important date by gearing up with some cool themed merchandise, follow our guide below!

So here are our Top 10 Awesome Big Ben Themed Gifts:

1. Big Ben Socks By Ki Ki Ljung – £12

Big Ben Socks By Ki Ki Ljung

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2. Make Your Own Chocolate London – £12

Make Your Own Chocolate London

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3. LEGO Creator Expert Set – £179.99

LEGO Creator Expert Set Big Ben

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4. Teapot & Mug – £26.99

Teapot & Mug Big Ben

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5. Cufflinks – £14.99

Big Ben Cufflinks

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6. Make Your Own Landmark – £3.95

Make Your Own Landmark

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7. Shower Curtain – £62

Shower Curtain

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8. Plush Cushion – £17.99

Plush Cushion

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9. Wall Sticker – £120

Big Ben Wall Sticker

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10. Nanoblock Set – £14.99

Big Ben Nanoblock Set

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We hope you’ve found this list entertaining (or maybe even inspired for a purchase!). But if you would like to commemorate your love to Big Ben in a more traditional manner (like printing a postcard or canvas!), please visit our website or contact us now.

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