Exclusive Interview with Marvel Comic Artist Kev F Sutherland

Comic Book Artist Kev F Sutherland

Few people know world of comic artistry as well as Kev F Sutherland. He’s worked with with some of the most notable franchises series around, like Marvel’s Doctor Strange, The Beano and Viz. We were thrilled and honoured to be able to speak to Kev and discuss the multifaceted landscape of comics.

From the nostalgic strips like Dennis the Menace and the Bash Street Kids, through classic titles like 2000AD and Ghost Rider and on to his self-published Shakespearian and Biblical graphic novel adaptations, his career has been rich and diverse.

Many talents

Beyond his illustrious career in comics, Kev has also made his mark in live performance. As the creator of The Sitcom Trials and a member of The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre, he’s also shown his flair for comedy.

Our wide-ranging discussion not only revisits the history of comics but also delves into subjects like:

  • The way comic book art has evolved over time.
  • How AI is reshaping the future for comic artists.
  • Kev’s fascinating blend of Shakespearean literature and comic art, particularly his latest graphic novel, Richard The Third, now available on Kickstarter.

Comic Conversation

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This interview offers an insightful look at the comic world from a seasoned artist’s perspective. From his debut graphic novel Findlay Macbeth in 2020 to his educational efforts in Comic Art Masterclasses, Kev’s passion and mastery are evident.

Interested in learning more about comic art? Visit Kev’s official website for details about his Comic Art Masterclasses.