5 reasons why Solopress love digital print

Xerox digital printing green hints

While the basics of offset lithographic printing has changed very little for over a century, there’s been a total transformation in the way we print digitally in just the past decade. Here are 5 reasons why Solopress love digital print…

5. Speed

The most obvious benefit of digital printing for any commercial printers with a superfast turnaround like Solopress is that, unlike lithographic printing, there’s a quick set-up and no drying time involved in the production process. Once an item like a business card, leaflet or brochure has been printed in a digital press, it can go straight onto the print finishing stages with no further delays. It’s here where gloss or matt lamination can be applied, and the item can be cut, folded or assembled in exactly the way the customer desires it.

4. Colours

High-speed digital printing presses like the Xerox iGen4 and the HP Indigo machines deliver vibrant, punchy colours every time.

Here’s the video promo for Xerox’s latest iGen 150 digital press on YouTube:

Digital also makes it easier to print text and images that are only visible under UV light, perfect for printed projects where anti-counterfeiting and security features are important, such as plastic identification cards and tickets to shows, festivals and other special events.

Of course, printed material can frequently look darker than the designer originally intended, so it’s important for customers to submit their print-ready artwork in CMYK format rather than RGB when printing digitally – or lithographically.

3. Versatile

Digital printing’s versatility works extremely well for both us and the customer. Short print runs are now possible. This cost effectiveness and flexibility allows clients to test out a variety of ideas or styles for their print projects far more cheaply than ever before.

2. Green

Not only is digital printing more energy efficient, there’s also less wastage with paper and inks. No computer-to-plate (CTP) plates are needed to be made either – that’s the bit of old school tech that litho presses use to replicate every page that’s printed. All of these factors help lessen digital printing’s impact on the environment.

Xerox digital printing green hints

Source: Xerox

1. Future

Whether it’s web-to-print or by other methods, personalisation is the key to the future of the print industry. Constant advances in computer hardware and software, along with new print technologies like Landa’s nanographic commercial presses, mean that digital print is able to fuel the demand for ever more innovative and exciting products. This type of printing not only compliments, but also enhances, what today’s online and social media age has to offer. The future’s bright – and so is the quality of your digital prints! 


  1. Thank you so much…it may be simple but your article has helped me understand some thing that I was unclear about. I have some knowledge of print but sometimes get confused with the reams of jargon! About to order my sample pack straight away and can’t wait to place my first order 🙂

  2. This post was really interesting! I thought I would take my time to tell you…


    1) The customer service is 100%, the team are always happy to help and very friendly!

    2) The team are always quick to alert you if there is an issue with the submitted artwork.

    3) Prices are VERY competitive and beat pretty much every printers I know.

    4) The delivery AND turnaround are ALWAYS amazingly quick, and efficient!

    5) The quality, and finish of every product I have received from Solopress and to everyone whom I have recommended, have been absolutely outstanding, and always nicely packaged!

    These are my 5 reasons, why I LOVE SOLOPRESS! 🙂

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