7 ways to season your Christmas print

Christmas is stampeding towards us at a rate of knots. This special season means different things to different people, but most people associate this time of year with festivity and celebration.

Whether we’re gifted a white Christmas or not, snow and sparkles go hand in hand with everyone’s winter expectations. Putting a seasonal twist on your print campaigns can take you that extra mile to earn a special place in your customers’ hearts.

Here are some tips on how to create Christmas prints with added sparkle.


Foil goes hand in hand with Christmas, and not only when it’s time to put the turkey in the oven. The seasonal sparkle supplied by a Foil finish is certain to take your Christmas print to a luxurious new level.

This lavish look adds texture, highlights text and defines your design. Including it within your artwork will create a shine that sits superbly amongst the rest of your customers’ seasonal decorations.

A Foil finish can feature on a fantastic selection of products and our expanded array of Foil colours allows you to create your perfect seasonal print.

Gold to resemble the star on top of the tree, silver to match the tinsel, or even red and green to imitate Santa and his elves, mix and match your Foil colours to set your Christmas print alight.

If this finish isn’t your cup of tea, look no further than Spot UV. Give your seasonal print a sleek finish that won’t look out of place surrounded by shiny Christmas decorations.

Just like a gold star tops off your Christmas tree, adding a special finish will top off your seasonal print.


Whether they realise it or not, readers associate different fonts with different moods. Some fonts serve specific purposes and fit certain tones where an alternative choice might feel very out of place. For example, if the news was to appear across your screen in Comic Sans, it would severely downplay the serious nature of what’s unfolding.

Choosing the right font lends your print a distinctive style that sends the right message to your customers. It’s important to show that unique style while remaining easy to read.

Some fonts instantly evoke that Christmas spirit. Adding one of these to your design will reaffirm the seasonal message you’re trying to spread.

If you need a helping hand deciding what font to include on your Christmas print, here are 18 free fonts for you to choose from through the Create Your Own tool on our website.


Including seasonal colours makes your Christmas print immediately recognisable. There are certain colour combinations that we instantly associate with Christmas. Obvious choices include red, white and green.

Smartly coloured artwork will also allow your print to fit in seamlessly amongst your customer’s treasured decorations.


Christmas provides some of the most recognisable design themes in the world. Straying from the obvious in terms of design can often help you stand out. However, when it comes to Christmas, trying something different could leave your design lost on your audience.

People expect Santa Claus and his reindeer, elves behaving badly, baubles, stockings or mistletoe; all seamlessly draped under a thick blanket of snow.

Being too niche with your artwork could lead to poorly performing print that doesn’t resonate with your intended audience.

Staying within pre-existing themes of colours, characters and scenery is a clear way to make your Christmas print become an instant hit with your customers.


Some products are designed for specific times and locations.

A Christmas-themed Parasol that’s designed to sit in the sweltering sun during the height of the British summer is probably not the best product for your customers at this time.

A delightfully designed Christmas Card infused with a sparkle to fit with your customer’s pre-existing decorations is a much more fitting print product during this period.

Equally, a Calendar provides a timely reminder of your business that not only gives your customers an incredibly useful item but persistently keeps your brand in their thoughts throughout the year.

To see how Christmas Card and Calendar design can transform your seasonal print, read how we produced these products for Ancoats Guitars, the start-up business that we’ve been following throughout 2022.

Solopress.com premium quality printing service can design and print your personalised Christmas Cards this Xmas


When you create your Christmas print from our Solopress Green range, not only are you treating your customers, but you’re giving a huge present to the planet too.

Vibrant design no longer has to come at a cost to our planet. With our carbon-neutral range, your Christmas print can shine brightly from high-quality recycled and sustainable materials.

All the carbon that is produced during the manufacturing process is offset through sponsored environmental projects at home and abroad. We recently surpassed a huge milestone of offsetting over 100,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide through your continued support for Solopress Green!


Organising the delivery of items for yourself or others can be frustrating at any time. However, at Christmas when orders are reaching peak volume, traffic can become congested and overwhelmed.

Wouldn’t having someone take control of that for you relieve a weight off your shoulders?

Our next-day delivery on a plethora of items, as well as our quick turnaround times, prevents you from getting snowed under.

It may not be Santa and his nine reindeer, but our new door-to-door leaflet distribution service lets you print, plan and deliver your Christmas-inspired print all in one place through one easy transaction.


So with a bit of attention to detail, your Christmas print can land in your customer’s hands with an added sparkle.

With thoughtful design, a fitting font and a luxurious finish, your complete product will likely succeed.

Christmas Card printing and branded Calendars give you an excellent platform to cement your business relationships and remain in front of your audience for the winter holidays and beyond.

Check out our Christmas range so your brand can remain the gift that keeps on giving.