Five fabulous custom-shaped Business Cards

A collection of custom shaped business cards.

Who said Business Cards need to just be square?! As technology moves through time, we are seeing some new and exciting developments in the world of bespoke print and design.

We are all very familiar with the standard style Business Cards. Many of us have formed a vast collection over time, filling spaces in numerous wallets and purses. Gradually they find their way to the back of cupboards and drawers until we have that long overdue sort-out.

One thing you cannot fail to notice when sifting through your collection is change. Business Card design ideas have evolved beautifully from the early standard white with a small amount of text and simplistic images, with the introduction of vibrant colour and more complex, clever designs over the years.

A collection of custom shaped business cards.

When planning fresh and original ways to make your first impressions count, consider shaping your future with unique shape Business Cards. Dare to do something different, add some curves to your edges, or go all out and explore every possibility.

The changing shape of Business Card design

We love to promote modern, innovative designs for print, supporting cutting-edge marketing techniques to maximise your business reach. We recently had the pleasure of working with The Crema Caravan to print bespoke custom-shaped Business Cards that complement and display their branding perfectly. Appropriately sized and presented to clients in glass preserve jars, the unique touch enhances that first impression and makes it even more memorable.

An Illustration of bespoke design custom shaped business cards printed by Solopress for the Crema Caravan Company

Five more fabulous creations to inspire you

This eye-catching bespoke displays a balanced use of both shape and colour down to the finest detail. It’s unmistakably a pear, despite the additional quirky bearded look. This is complemented further by the added artistic appearance when stacked for presentation.

A display of custom shaped business cards for the Uncle Pear brand

This beautiful example was created for the Reverend Harry Louis Williams, CEO of Soul Shaker Publishing, and music and film works by Tamara Dever of TLC Graphics Austin, Texas. The design aspect demonstrates the use of shape beautifully, with clear and concise branding for this inspired creation. Partially sticking with the traditional card shape, seamlessly blended with the clever presentation of the vinyl.

A most excellent double-sided print design where the attention to detail is well balanced with descriptive content. This type of design is sure to become a popular hit on the DJ and club scene, with adaptations possible to branch out to the karaoke and entertainment sector.

A display of musical inspired custom shaped business cards for Rv Harry Louis Williams II

The photography industry welcomes variations in Business Card design. An ideal platform to creatively showcase their craft is with Business Card design and print. The ‘stand out from the crowd’ marketing strategy ideas become reality with the use of some awesome design concepts and the increasingly popular shaped Business Card.

Clear display illustrating a bespoke designed camera shaped business card for print media

Another shining example of a business sector where shaped Business Cards have become popular is the baking industry. From cupcakes to slices of bread, from the more quirky to the elegant artistic statement, the use of shaped Business Cards is perfect for foodies everywhere. With so much inspiration to be had, this simplistic use of the nibbled corner displays you don’t always have to go to the extreme. Sometimes less is more in the design and print industry.

Custom design nibbled corners shaped business card for Taste Chocolate

In the eclectic and diverse world of the arts, styles and trends change quickly. Media and branding creation needs to reflect your craft and be inviting to your audience. Shaping a future in the artistic industry with a die-cut Business Card can set you out from the rest. With careful consideration, it can be both intriguing and timeless.

This bold example from the Ukrainian artist Elena Mirosedina demonstrates a balance between statement and style, delivered with precise use of shape which directly reflects her branding. While stylish, the design doesn’t ignore the core principles of what information to put on a Business Card. From independent artists to stylists and interior designers, the integration of unique custom design is essential to any marketing strategy.

Paint pallet shaped custom designed business cards for the artist Elena Mirosedina

Let your imagination run wild

Whether rebranding or starting out, be adventurous! Open your mind to the possibilities and make your mark. Your Business Card is the invisible ‘pleased to meet you’ handshake, so make it a firm one. It’s the unspoken ‘hello’ that make it inviting and confident. Unleash your creative side, showcase your craft and be proud to be different. 


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