Mums Gone Mobile – Marketing Your Mobile Beauty Business

A woman's professionally manicured nails are one of many mobile beauty services available.

Whether through necessity or choice, there’s been a significant rise in the number of proactive, work from home mums. Many have found success in the mobile beauty business.

There’s no disputing, being a mum is a full time job in itself. With demanding financial commitments and the desire to not drop out of working society, many mums build a mobile business around their family life. The health and beauty industry has a vast number of ‘mums gone mobile.’

A Cartoon illustration depicting the mobile busy mum

The key attractions for working this way are the freedom of choices on offer when it comes to time and money. With careful consideration and planning, you really can have it all.

Build Strong Foundations

Turning your ideas into reality involves many stages. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the initial creation process. Making notes and turning those into a structured plan will help you find your way.

A stunning and colourful image showcasing eye makeup design for the mobile beauty business industry

What are your skills? Could you add to them by taking part in any courses to enhance your existing talents?

What are your competitors offering? Try and identify services they do not provide, as adding a niche service could help you stand out further.

What do you want to achieve?  Have a clear idea of your goals as they will drive you and keep you focused.

Identify Your Target Market

Consider your audience. Where will your services be best directed and what type of clientele will you attract? Identifying your target market can only be achieved through research. You could attend local events where businesses of a similar type will be showcasing their services. Perhaps visit a wedding fair or fashion show to gather some client research. Reading beauty columns, online blogs and forums will not only enhance your marketing knowledge, they will keep you up to date with upcoming products and services.

A bold display of colourful nail design for the mobile beauty business

Protect Yourself

Don’t forget your liability insurance! It creates the feeling of trust, showing respect and responsibility. Collate your certificates and qualifications so they are easily presentable to your clients. This will demonstrate that you are a professional.

From this point you can now form the shape and vision of your enterprise.

It’s All About The Look

Now you have your foundations set, its time to focus on your appearance.  How do you want your business to look? Logo design and branding are vital elements of any business, regardless of its size. Visibility is everything.

A gentle lilac image showing the edge of a make up powder applicator brush for the mobile beauty business

Promoting your business via print media is the ‘written voice’, introducing your services. This is definitely an area where you should reach out to the professionals where possible, or at least place it on your ‘to do’ list once you have allowed for some reinvestment.  Once your branding style is set, you are ready to decide on your business cards. If you are setting up on a shoestring budget, YouTube is a great way of learning the basics in business card design with an array of tutorials. It’s definitely a welcomed support when starting out with little or no capital.

Mums Go Social – Get Seen, Get Noticed, Get Out There!

The world of social media is vast and practically unavoidable on a daily basis. Even with limited knowledge it is possible to create business profiles using help files and ‘how-to posts’. Another worthwhile suggestion is asking for help.  Many of us have a friend or family member who will only be too happy to spend some time demonstrating some social media tips. You can always offer a treatment from your range in return for them sharing their expertise with you.

A collection of popular social media icons shown in relation for marketing a mobile beauty business

Spend time researching before taking the plunge. Start with the basics; Facebook and Twitter – then progress to Google+. Get your friends and family involved; ask them to help spread the word. Announce yourself in a bold and positive way and build your audience gradually. Don’t be frightened, embrace technology, it can be your friend!

Go For It

When breathing life into any business idea, research is key. From idea to creation, be consistent and gather an understanding about the world you are entering.  As your knowledge expands your confidence will grow; after all you know more today than you did yesterday!