Digital Advertising Means Print Is Dead? Think Again

print is dead

It has been a hot topic for some time; since the hurried flood towards the Internet and social media for digital advertising, is there still a place for print?

Why Print?

Simply put, printing will always be there. In a day and age where we are receiving thousands or pieces of information a minute be it through a buzz in your pocket or bag which we then look at and instantly dismiss to ‘answer later’ (we seldom do) or that advert on the side of your Facebook page which is locked and follows you up and down the page, these can all be dismissed with a single click. Digital advertising has revolutionised the way in which we are given information but has it saturated itself?

print is dead


A printed piece is a physical thing that exists; it isn’t just throwaway data that will disappear in an instant and can be read wherever it is. What better way to promote your business than a beautifully designed and produced business card or flyer? Magazines and booklets can stay in houses and offices for years upon end giving a far greater yield than an easily ignored flash on a screen. Studies have also shown that people read information printed on paper faster and tend to skim less than digital advertising.

digital print is dead


Another positive for printed advertising is that because of the greater amount of information absorbed, brand identity is also increased in the same way. It is important to have a brand that can be identified right down to the paper the adverts are printed on. Printing gives the chance to ensure that there is a little part of your company that can be left wherever the adverts are, be they flyers, business cards or brochures. It has also been shown that going that extra step in quality goes a long way and that flyers and leaflets on a heavier card or paper stock are thrown away or disregarded far less often than cheaper looking thinner alternatives.

print is dead


It is important to remember that digital advertising is not the root of all evil however, it is an important tool for ensuring that you are seen on phones, tablets, digital display boards, computer screens, laptops, iPods and even iWatches. It is important to consider that this does not replace the wonderful physical products which can be made and enjoyed like the charm of playing a record on a turntable and placing the needle on yourself rather than just pressing play on an MP3 player. Digital advertising should be used with print, not instead of.