Guide To Folded Leaflets And Leaflet Folding

Leaflet Guide

Ever had trouble remembering the name of a type of leaflet? Or maybe you are looking for inspiration to choose a particular type of leaflet? Well you’re in the right place now, because our comprehensive video guide to folded leaflets and leaflet folding will answer all of your questions.

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Please note that the dimensions shown are for particular paper sizes, and the page numbers in the video are shown purely for demonstration purposes.

The Single Fold

Single Folded Leaflet

This fold runs directly down the center of the paper forming a booklet.

A5 dimensions are:
Closed 105mm x 148mm
Open: 210mm x 148m

The Roll Fold

Roll Folded Leaflet

Also known as “The Letter Fold”. This is a parallel fold which allows three or more pages to be folded in. The inside fold is slightly smaller than the others to make the fold possible.

Example A4 dimensions are:
Closed: 100mm x 210mm
Open: 100mm,100mm, 97mm x 210mm

The Concertina Fold

Concertina Folded Leaflet

Also known as the “Zig-Zag Fold”, “Accordion Fold” or the “Z-fold”. This is a continuous parallel folding in an accordion-like fashion, that is with folds alternatively made to the font and back in zig-zag folds. Unlike the Roll Fold, these are not nested inwards, so all the pages can be the same size.

Example A4 dimensions are:
Closed: 99mm x 210mm
Open: 99mm, 99mm, 99mm x 210mm

The Open Gate Fold

Open Gate Folded Leaflet

Also known as the “Gate Fold”. This uses two parallel folds to crate six pages. The left and right are the half the width of the centre page so that they meet in the middle without overlapping.

Example A4 dimensions are:
Closed: 148mm x 210mm
Open: 74.5mm, 148mm, 74.5mm x 210mm

The Closed Gate Fold

Closed Gate Folded Leaflet

Also known as the “Double Gate Fold”. This is similar to the Open Gate Fold but the pages fold inwards one more time into the centre crease.

Example A4 dimensions are:
Closed: 74.5mm x 210mm
Open: 74.5mm, 74.5mm, 74.5mm, 74.5mm x 210mm

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