All-new multi version poster options

multi version posters
All-new multi version posters

Get creative and save time with multi version posters

At Solopress, we’re constantly updating our approach so that we can offer new and exciting product options. This week, we’re thrilled to be introducing an option for multi version posters so that you can add multiple poster designs in one print order.

What are multi version posters?

Our new option lets you order a batch of posters featuring more than one unique design – without the need to place multiple orders.

Instead of going through the process of placing separate orders for each poster design, you can get the lot in one hit.

As well as saving time, you’ll also save money – as the cost is less than ordering each design individually.

Also, if you order your posters before 2pm, you’ll get them tomorrow on a free delivery.

How can you make the most of multi version posters?

Now that you’re free to get creative with multiple poster designs, how can you use them effectively? We’ve come up with a few simple ideas to get you started:

  1. Countdown to Launch

5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Go! Why not ramp up anticipation of a special event with launch posters that countdown to the big day? It needn’t be a daily countdown; you could go for one per week – just remember to keep replacing those posters!

  1. On tour

If you’re promoting an event that shifts location, you can feature a different time, place and date on your multi version posters. This is a great example of when a little forward thinking can save you a lot of time and money.

  1. Sandwich of the week

It doesn’t have to be a sandwich, of course. Singling out one of your products and running a limited-period price promotion lets you keep your offer fresh and dynamic. Multi version posters are a great way to switch up your deals.

  1. A local touch across your chain

When your business operates from multiple sites across different towns, it can be valuable to add location-specific detail to your posters. Why settle for “Welcome to Tina’s Tyres” when you could have “Welcome to Tina’s Tyres, Carlisle – Bob and the team are here to help”?

  1. Step-by-step communication

If your business experiences temporary disruption, it’s important to update your audience throughout the process: e.g. “we will be closing for planned refurbishment” followed by “we are currently closed for refurbishment” followed by “we’re back!”. Multi version posters keep them up to date at each step along the way.

  1. Variety

Use multi version posters to add variety – plain and simple. Promote different aspects of your goods and services. Appeal to different demographics by devoting separate posters to target families, young people, retired people etc. Promote a stage play with one poster per cast member – the possibilities are endless.

How to order

So, you have your plan in place to use multi version posters effectively. You’ve designed stunning artwork that’s ready to go to print. So, what’s next? How do you order your multi version posters from Solopress? Read on…

  • Firstly you need select the size of poster you require from the Poster Printing page – e.g. A2 Posters.
  • On the A2 Posters page, there is a list of fields for you to specify your required paper type, quantity and delivery option etc.
  • There is now an additional field called VERSIONS (NUMBER OF SETS) where you specify the number of different designs you’d like to produce
  • Say you need to print posters with 2 designs, and you want 50 posters for each design. You’d need to select:
    Quantity: 50
    Versions: 2
    NB. If you select a quantity of 100 posters, or you’ll be quoted for 100 of EACH of the 2 designs, totalling 200 posters.
  • Click on “ADD TO BASKET”
  • Once the pop-up window appears, click on UPLOAD YOUR ARTWORK or go to UPLOAD YOUR ARTWORK from the basket page
  • In the UPLOAD ARTWORK FOR POSTERS box, click on BROWSE and you will be able to upload multiple documents to supply your different poster designs

We’re here to help…

So if you feel confident about taking the plunge, you can shop multi version posters. If you’d prefer some guidance through the process, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our advisers on 01702 460047 or click the Live Chat link at the top of the page.