How to design custom T-Shirts

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Custom T-Shirts create a strong sense of community among your employees and customers. With a memorable design, you can send a strong message, express a consistent brand identity, or make a fashion statement with cost-effective and easy-to-order T-shirts. 

What are the benefits of custom T-Shirts? 

Some key benefits of branded T-Shirts are that they’re: 

  • Cost-effective 
  • Recognisable 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Versatile 

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They’re cost-effective because you can print a huge volume of T-Shirts without breaking the bank. Having bulk storage means that you can be versatile in how you use them. Leftovers can easily be used as a prize in a competition, given away for free to spread awareness of your brand, or sold to bring in extra revenue. 


T-Shirts are worn by everyone and ignored by no one. If you can make your design eye-catching and memorable, your brand will become more recognisable. The community they build reinforces the identity of your brand. Whether they’re worn by colleagues at an event or by customers on the street, a well-designed T-Shirt will keep your brand in the limelight.  


Made from durable material, T-Shirts are designed to survive the daily challenges they’re put through. Robust and hardy enough to keep up with the demands of those wearing them, T-Shirts offer a long-term solution to spreading your message consistently over time. 


Custom T-Shirts offer a powerful tool for marketing your business that can be used in several ways. 

They’re perfect for: 

  • Customers – who are proud to don your colours. 
  • Employees – to wear a coordinated uniform in the workplace. 
  • Promotional material – to hand out for free at events, trade shows or conferences. 
  • Merchandise – that can be sold for a new stream of revenue. 


What should I put on my branded T-Shirt? 

Think about the first impression you want to give people about your brand. 

Who is your brand for? Your demographic will play a massive part in the theme and personality of the design you choose.  

If you’re a children’s brand, keep your design age appropriate. For example, artwork on T-Shirts belonging to heavy metal bands can get away with darker-themed designs as that’s what their audience expects. 

If you’re creating T-Shirts for your employees, make it clear that they all belong to the same company. Perhaps you could offer different departments different versions. 

Similarly, if you’re producing T-Shirts to be worn at an event, show or conference, it’s even more important that your design tells the audience that your employees are a team. It’s essential that they stand out at trade shows so customers know who to speak to. 

An obvious choice for your artwork is your brand’s logo, but it can be several other options if you fancy mixing it up! 

Instead of imagery, why not plaster your strapline or a relevant phrase in some quirky typography? Having words over art can make people engage with your T-Shirt more as they lean in for a read. 

Alternatively, create some cool artwork related to your brand, industry or community. This is a great option if you want your customers or fans to rep your brand with pride and acts as powerful marketing to spread your message high and wide. 

What you decide to put on your custom T-Shirt offers a great chance to highlight your brand’s personality, so make sure it reflects it accurately! 

How is my design printed? 

Your design can be printed in several methods. Two particularly popular print methods are screen-print and digital transfer. 

First is screen-print, one of the most common procedures for bringing your design to life on a T-Shirt. This method produces your design in one or two bold colours for a strong statement that’s always on-brand. 

Screen-print has many benefits: 

  • Affordable – It’s a cost-effective method for maintaining high-quality designs on large orders. 
  • Versatile – It can be produced on a wide range of materials. 
  • Durable – Designs are long-lasting against hardy conditions and are easily washable. 

Alternatively, digital transfer is a modern method that gloriously reproduces your design in full colour for full-spectrum impact or photo-real imagery.  

Digital transfer has many benefits: 

  • Full colour – It allows unlimited colours to be printed for designs or replicate photo-real imagery. 
  • Affordable – Low set-up costs make print runs cost-effective. 
  • Customisable – Designs can be personalised in a variety of ways.  

Our range of custom T-Shirts can have artwork printed in three different areas:  

  • The left chest  
  • Full front  
  • Upper back 

Please note: You can combine one of the front locations with the upper back but having all three locations isn’t possible. 


What Shirt is right for my design? 

T-Shirts are a highly versatile promotional product. Our range covers the needs of all brands, from those who need more breathable material to those whose brand has strong environmental values. 

Slim Fit and V-Necks offer an activewear material that’s perfect for brands who need extra room to breathe. Recycled and Long Sleeved designs allow companies with green credentials to back up their stance and do more than just box-ticking. 

For our collection of logo T-Shirts, both print options, screen-print and digital transfer are available for Regular Fit, Slim Fit and V-Neck designs, however only screen-print is used on Recycled or Long Sleeve versions.  

We offer sizes that range from XS to XXXL, with all options easily washable and catered to both men and women. It includes a selection of fits that cater to the style of each and every brand. They all come with a wide range of colour schemes to choose from, with each style having a unique selection of available colours.  


Where should I print my custom T-Shirts? 

So, you know why you need logo T-Shirts, what to put on them, how to print your design and which one suits your brand. Now you need a reliable print partner to fulfil your order. 

We’re here to fulfil all your custom T-Shirt printing needs. All our orders come with free delivery to all UK addresses, all we need is your design to start!