How To Keep Printing Costs To A Minimum

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We know that it’s been a tough time for many businesses and so we thought we’d provide you with a few cost savings tips to help keep your budgets in check! 


Shelf Life

Could you print a higher volume and save money in the long term? For example our double sided 130gsm gloss leaflets are £19 for 100 but only £59 for 1,000. If you kept printing individual runs of 100 it would cost £190 for 1,000!

Business card Basics

Keep budgets down by excluding job titles as it can be costly to reprint in accordance with staff promotions. Similarly consider having identical business cards for everyone with just the contact details of the business itself.


Swap a full colour brochure for a folder with inserts as it can be more easily adapted as and when your business changes, for example as product ranges grow or shrink and company services alter.

Think outside the box

Produce stickers or labels that can be added to company stationery for a set amount of time to attract attention to award wins, accolades or special offers. Much cheaper than reprinting all stationery.


Keep designs simple and swap photographs for other graphics. This could mean you can exchange four colour printing for two colour and save money.

Less is More

Pantone colours do not always need to be used at 100% saturation. Tints of the same colour at 25%, 50% or 75% can be used to give impact without the expense of the four colour process.


Limit the paper size as much as possible and use standard finishes rather than super glossy or laminate.

Weigh In

The above factors also effect the weight – something else to consider if your items are being posted.

Proof Read

Proof read and proof read again!

Get a Proof

Ask for a printed proof to see what your items look like in full size. It can be difficult to fully appreciate the finished look on a smaller printer that may not be able to reproduce your item to full size or resolution.

So why would we help you to spend less with us? Don’t worry we haven’t lost our marbles but time and time again we see obvious ways that clients could make small changes to get the most out of their budget so we thought we’d share our tips with you. Every little helps!


  1. This is really useful information. Thanks for posting, will definitely keep it in mind for future designs and brand identities!

  2. Great tips, the cost cutting can be important when starting a small business, especially if you have a small budget and you need to promote your business.

  3. I did not realise that printing 1,000 gloss leaflets was so cheap. Something to consider rather than using my inkjet printer.

  4. Very interesting read, especially the business card tip. Networking is an important business tool but the amount of business cards given away by marketing staff each year can cost a small fortune!

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