When it comes to leaflet design – to fold or not to fold?

Solopress coffee house folded leaflet design

When is it right to have a folded leaflet or flyer? Is there a business type where folding is a must? Is it time to embrace the fold or keep it flat?

The correct use of flyer and leaflet design can offer a multi-functional way of illustrating your range. They provide a highly cost effective hard copy media platform for changeable marketing campaigns such as business launches, competitions, public announcements and special offers. Different to the brochure, leaflets and flyers can prove to be a powerful marketing aid for the less static area of print media, where a more frequent need for print may be required.

Solopress coffee house tri folded leaflet design to showcase leaflets and flyers

Foodie Folders

When it comes to the folded leaflet, the headline industry that springs to mind is that of take away food and restaurants. All those naughty but nice delights available in your locality,  and all it takes is a phone call. Not a dirty saucepan in sight!

Solopress take away menu to illustrate folded leaflets and flyers

We can all identify with the days when returning home, tired and hungry, we have to clamber over the sea of take away menus greeting us like a paper dog at the front door. Typically, they are designed with a highly visual focus consisting of mouth watering images of all the tasty treats on offer.

Beautiful Folds

Who says food is the only thing on the menu? Many businesses in the beauty services and holistic therapies industry present their treatments using the folded leaflet.

Folded Leaflet of a yoga studio for leaflet design

Folded leaflets and flyers can maximise the use of space to fully showcase what your business provides. Many find this choice of print media a cost effective way to reach out to their target audience. When deciding on leaflet and flyer design, there are a wide range of folding styles available to compliment the illustration of your products and services perfectly.

Essential Points To Consider

If the main focus of your leaflet distribution is to get as much information presented to the public as possible, in one shot, then the answer is most definitely to fold!

An example of a folded leaflet

The beauty of folding is that you can illustrate your campaign without an untidy, cluttered appearance which is painful viewing to your potential customer. A key element to remember when deciding on styles and formatting is to do all you can to avoid your leaflets going straight from the doormat to recycle bin.

Investigate competitors’ design choices;  look at them through the eyes of the customer. Are they easy to read? Do they display a balance of textual and graphical illustration? Does the business identify itself in a direct way?

Less Is More

Not every leaflet drop campaign calls for the folded design. Some business types are not suited to displaying a lot of  different types of information in print.

leaflet design for a carpet cleaning business

For example, a local carpet cleaning service may have regular special offers where their design style would focus on the dominant use of descriptive textual display with balanced addition of illustration, to highlight the focus interest of the announcement.

The use of a folded leaflet in this case would not be necessary;  the flat style succeeds in complimenting the direct delivery of the information being communicated to the target audience.

Simply Effective

The use of flyers and leaflets can prove to be a highly successful and returnable investment when it comes to promoting both repeat and one off campaigns for competitions, special offers and events. Where the need calls for being direct and bold, the flat styled leaflet drop can be affordable and effective.

Flat style event leaflet

Commonly used for the marketing of events; where flyers are either handed out or posted, a flat single or double sided design containing provides adequate space for information to make your target audience aware of that upcoming club night or local craft fair.

Whatever the nature of your event you can compliment your other printed media design with matching flyers that will encourage your audience to race though the turnstiles.

Get creative and selective with your choices. Whatever you decide, it must work for you. Take advantage of the great design teams available and turn your ideas into reality, then buckle up and prepare for take off!

Questions About Flyers And Leaflets?

If you’d like to chat further about creating the best flyers or leaflets for your business or event, visit www.solopress.com and LiveChat with us. You can also e-mail or ring and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. 


  1. It really depends on the goal and how much information you want to share. Sometimes the “KISS” principle (keep it simple, stupid) is best. You can always list your website where people can go for more information.


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