Wedding invitation design ideas

wedding invitation ideas

When your guests receive their wedding invites through the post, it’s the first glimpse they’ll get of your big day. It should perfectly reflect your chosen colour palette and theme, giving people an idea of what they can expect from your wedding.

Get the design right and you can kickstart the countdown to your wedding in style. We’ve curated a list of different features you can customise to make it truly personal, as well as a few wedding invitation design ideas and themes to get you thinking.

Customisable features

With a wealth of options available when it comes to customising your wedding invites, there are so many ways to get creative. Five features, in particular, can be altered to get the design you want:

  • Colour
  • Paper type
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Fonts

Focus on these and you can start creating your dream invitations that your guests can’t help but say yes to.


Coordinate the palette of your invitations to match the theme of your big day. A dusty rose hue works beautifully with sage green, while an inky blue shade is perfectly complemented by shimmering gold. Take your time to pick the perfect colour scheme, then let it dictate the look and feel of the rest of your wedding day.

Paper type

Printing your invitations on an alternative type of paper can reflect the overall theme of your big occasion. At Solopress, we print wedding invites on five different paper types:

  • Silk
  • Gloss
  • Pulp
  • Brown kraft paper
  • Triple layer

Not sure which paper type is right for your invitations? Order one of our free sample packs to get a better idea.


Recently, we’ve seen more and more couples thinking outside the box when it comes to the shape of their invitations. Variations such as square-shaped invites have become popular as an alternative to the traditional rectangle. If you’re looking to wow your guests when they receive their invite through the post, consider choosing a quirky option such as this.


As well as different shapes, why not experiment with invitation sizes, too? We offer a wide range of paper sizes for our wedding invites, each suitable for different styles:

  • A7
  • A6
  • A5
  • A4
  • DL
  • Square – 125 x 125mm and 148 x 148mm varieties


Let your imagination run wild and try different fonts on your wedding invitation – they can help you set the tone for the big day and add more character to an invite. Traditional weddings call for a formal typeface, while a contemporary affair can use a bolder, more playful type of lettering. Make sure you’re consistent with the font family you’re using to ensure the tone stays the same throughout.

Ideas for wedding invitation designs

Everyone is different and has their own ideas for what their wedding will look like. The same goes for their invitations. As they reflect the theme, invitations naturally fall into a style category, of which we’re going to discuss a selection of six.



Plain and simple, a classic invite design creates an air of sophistication around your wedding day. Colour and font-wise, they stick to the formula of calligraphy fonts on a plain background that doesn’t deviate too far from eggshell whites and cream blends.



Trendy invitations go hand-in-hand with modern-themed weddings. Typically, you’ll find informal fonts with wording using a mixture of upper and lower cases. When it comes to the graphics, play to the latest trends, such as a marble or watercolour effect or geometric shapes. Colour-wise, try pairing midnight blue with blush, go for monochrome with a hint of gold or team natural green shades with soft grey.



Modern invitations are full of unconventional designs and suit contemporary occasions. If you’re going for a relaxed approach with your wedding, reflect it with a fun invitation full of character. Choose less-formal, almost cartoonish imagery which fits your theme and use a mixture of fonts and bold colours.



If you’re having a bit of fun with a themed wedding, then your invitations are an opportunity to let your guests know about it. Simply follow the theme with your designs, altering the colour scheme and fonts accordingly. Most important of all, use suitable images or illustrations to portray the theme to your invitees.



This style is perfect for country weddings, bringing that outdoor feel to life on paper. Colour palettes for this type of wedding invite design are focused on light browns and sugary-sweet tones that perfectly match floral-based illustrations. Marry this alongside printing on rustic pulp paper and you’ll create invitations at one with nature.



Occasions that hark back to years gone by can be matched with vintage design invitations. Bold or calligraphy-style fonts are key and are often paired with colours such as black, gold and cream. Vintage invitations can also be accompanied by extravagant borders to top off an elegant design.

Whatever your style, we can make your dream wedding invitation design become a reality at Solopress. Choose from our pre-existing templates or send us your own artwork and we guarantee printing within 24 hours of receiving it. Not only that but with free UK delivery, you can spend less time worrying about your budget and concentrate on planning the rest of your big day.


  1. I have always been a fan of customisable wedding invitations and really liked the first design in the list you have shared here. Most people stick to the traditional wedding card designs but the trendy ones are innovative and eye catchy. It is time that people realise that chance is good. Keep sharing more posts with wedding card ideas.

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