Solopress sponsors young England star

Harry Seaden

Harry Seaden

As children, we’re sure there were plenty of us who wanted to become a professional footballer at some point or another. However, as time passes our drive and ambitions change. For Harry, that dream has remained as real as it was all of those years ago. Originally not starting out in goal, his first venture as a goalkeeper came when he was attending school in Year 6. He often played in and out of goal over the years and got a taste of what his future would look like. Eventually realising his passion was to stay in front of the net and become a professional goalkeeper.

Fast-forward to today and Harry has already achieved what most struggle to do. Being awarded goalkeeper of the tournament for England’s under 16 side, playing for Southend United and making nine appearances for England through U17 & U16. He’s already made big strides in paving the way for his future. As an avid Southend United supporter since his youth, he would love to play professionally for Southend United.

Southend United Goalkeeper

Helping on his journey

After meeting Harry we were blown away by his passion and commitment for the beautiful game. Running us through his strict diet, restrictions and training routine we can see why he has already come so far. These are just a few of the many reasons we have decided to sponsor Harry over the next 10-12 months to help him get where he needs to be.

With an estimated 180 people out of 1.5 million (1) playing youth football dreaming of making it as a Premier League pro, the numbers haven’t deterred Harry one single bit. On top of having to work incredibly hard to get where he needs to be, one of the biggest obstacles he’s facing at present is his diet and kit expenses. This is where Solopress are aiming to help with Harry’s progression. Providing him sponsorship to help him afford his meal plans and kit for the season ahead. With a donation of £5,000 spread over 10 months, he’s overjoyed with our partnership commenting “The money from the sponsorship is a great help. The cost of my kit and diet is a big strain on my resources, so I am appreciative of the help from Solopress”.

Under 17 England Squad

The World Cup

Just like many of us, Harry was keenly watching England play in the World Cup. Unfortunately, the result wasn’t quite as we expected but, Harry was very pleased with their performance. Having recently worn the England shirt for the ninth time, he’s well aware of the work that goes into each game. With Jordan Pickford performing incredibly throughout the tournament, it was even better for Harry to see his role model demonstrate his goalkeeping skills. For us, it was a chance to see England represent the nation, for Harry it’s a brief glimpse of what the future could look like.

What’s Next

With a lot of support behind him, Harry has big plans for what he wants to achieve. His next step in his journey is to focus on the season ahead and aim for a good season overall. He also added “Football can be a funny game and you never know what might happen. I’m looking forward to what the season will bring”.

It was refreshing to listen to Harry explain the hard work involved and discuss the ways we can help him. We look forward to working closely with him as the months continue and see him grow and develop. Our Co-Founder Aron Priest had some great words to share about their meeting too. “Harry’s commitment and drive really shine through. It was a pleasure to discuss his achievements, where he’s going and how we can help. Seeing that level of passion can’t help but inspire you. I’m sure it won’t be long until we see him play professionally”.

England U17 Harry Seaden