Poster sizes – a complete poster size guide

poster sizes

Poster sizes

Posters can be iconic. They evoke memories of life-changing events, movies and music gigs. And they’re crucial for getting that street-level exposure for your event, product or service. Put simply, posters are a classic form of marketing.

The best thing is, they’re not constrained by style or size. Posters can range from artwork-heavy and colourful to minimalist and simple. Dive into our guide to poster sizes to discover the different types available and find the best match for you.

Different poster sizes

A series posters

The dimensions of A series posters closely follow A paper sizes, so that’s a good reference point when selecting which one is best for you. There are five A poster sizes to choose from, each suiting a different purpose:

  • A4 – Small, but with enough room to make an impact, A4 posters are a great option. Available in a huge selection of paper types and weights, they’re a versatile choice.
  • A3 – If you’re looking for a little more room to play with, A3 can get your message across. It’s commonly seen indoors in bars or shop windows – the right mix of detail and white space make it especially eye-catching.
  • A2 – This is the perfect size for gig and event posters. A2 posters can display snippets of information and leave enough room for impressive artwork and imagery.
  • A1 – Our most popular choice at Solopress, A1 posters can super-size your message. Large fonts and grand designs are ideal for posters hanging in exhibition halls or museums.
  • A0 – Over one metre in width, A0 posters can make a big impression on viewers. This size allows for large, eye-catching artwork and has space for lots of information.

A poster sizes

Find out everything you need to know about A poster sizes below.

Poster size Width (mm) x Height (mm) Width (cm) x Height (cm) Width (inches) x Height (inches)
A4 297 x 210 29.7 x 21 11.69 x 8.27
A3 420 x 297 42 x 29.7 16.54 x 11.69
A2 594 x 420 59.4 x 42 23.39 x 16.54
A1 841 x 594 84.1 x 59.4 33.11 x 23.39
A0 1189 x 841 118.9 x 84.1 46.81 x 33.11

B series posters

To make a special impression, you should look at B size poster printing. With slightly larger overall dimensions than the A series, the B series gives you more room to work with.

  • B2 – Consider a B2 poster for landscape printing that catches the eye. Event promotion or product launch, this size is good for it all, especially if you have artwork that would suit a wide format.
  • B1 – There’s no need to compromise on content with the B1 size. Capable of including even the grandest of artworks, it’s an ideal size for offer advertisements.
  • B0 – Going big with an announcement or event? You can’t go wrong with B0. Select this size if you want to combine lots of information with large designs.

B poster sizes

Find out everything you need to know about B poster sizes with our handy table below.

Poster size Width (mm) x Height (mm) Width (cm) x Height (cm) Width (inches) x Height (inches)
B2 707 x 500 70.7 x 50 27.83 x 19.69
B1 1000 x 707 100 x 70.7 39.37 x 27.83
B0 1400 x 1000 140 x 100 55.12 x 39.37

Miscellaneous posters

Aside from the standard poster sizes on offer, there are also a number of alternative choices available. If you’re looking for a less conventional way to make a mark on your audience, consider some of these miscellaneous poster sizes:

  • 20 x 30 – The right size for point of sale displays. 20 x 30 is ideal if you want to step up from mid-size A series posters, but don’t want something too big. Choose for company announcements or bulletins.
  • 30 x 40 – For attention-grabbing exposure, this should be your choice. When combined with impactful colours, 30 x 40 can really benefit advertising such as product launches and upcoming events.
  • 40 x 60 – Making a big proclamation needs a big poster. 40 x 60 size suits that exact purpose.  
  • A3 strip – Our range of strip poster printing covers three sizes, the smallest of which is A3. They’re suited to designs that don’t need much width, as their dimensions are vertical, rather than landscape.
  • A2 strip – The next size up from A3. As with the other A strip poster sizes, the A2 is designed for vertical artwork. Make sure you take care to keep your poster design within the dimensions.
  • A1 strip – Our largest A series strip poster size, A1 strip is more than one metre in height, so there’s plenty of space for additional information, alongside generous room for artwork

Miscellaneous poster sizes

There are lot’s of other poster sizes to be aware of; check out our comprehensive list below.

Poster size Width (mm) x Height (mm) Width (cm) x Height (cm) Width (inches) x Height (inches)
20 x 30 508 x 762 50.8 x 76.2 20 x 30
30 x 40 762 x 1016 76.2 x 101.6 30 x 40
40 x 60 1016 x 1524 101.6 x 152.4 40 x 60
A3 Strip 594 x 210 59.4 x 21.0 23.39 x 8.27
A2 Strip 841 x 297 84.1 x 29.7 33.11 x 11.69
A1 Strip 1189 x 420 118.9 x 42 46.81 x 16.54

Types of poster paper

Aside from the size, the paper a poster is printed on is another thing to get right. Combine the correct size and purposeful artwork with the right paper and you’ll create wonderful posters that leaves an impression on anyone passing by. Different paper types for posters include:

  • Gloss – As the name suggests, this paper offers a glossy sheen to any poster. The shiny finish encourages an eye-catching look for your poster designs and is available in six different paper weights.
  • Bond – 100% recycled and high-quality, bond paper is an environmentally-friendly poster option. It’s durable and available in two different weights at Solopress.
  • Day Glo – For a fluorescent colour scheme, day glo posters are the go-to. With a luminous effect, this paper is perfect for making a huge impression.
  • Light Box – When you’re using a back light to illuminate a poster advert, print it on light box paper. It’s the ideal method for use in cinemas, theatres and on the street.

Once you’ve browsed the extensive poster size selection on offer and decided which paper option is best for you, you’re ready to get printing. Solopress can take care of that for you. We’ve got an incredibly fast order turnaround, so as soon as you’ve submitted your order, we will get started asap.


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