Meet Sally, the Solopress Chatbot

Solopress introduces Sally the Chatbot

We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce to you the newest member of the Solopress Team: Sally the Chatbot. Sally’s been brought online to give you support when you need to contact us about your orders. 

Whenever you have an enquiry about your job, Sally will be ready and waiting 24 hours a day to give you a quote, track your order, amend your address, change delivery dates, upgrade your courier options and more.

Say ‘Hi!’ to Sally

To start a text chat with Sally, all you need to do is click on the Live Chat icon at the bottom right of the page at

As enthusiastic as Sally is, she knows her limits. As soon as she’s aware your enquiry needs the human touch, she’ll put you straight through to a real person. If it’s within office hours, you’ll only ever be a click or two away from speaking to one of our living, breathing team members. 

Unlike our human colleagues, Sally’s able to speak to many of you at once, cutting down queues and speeding up response times. 

Even outside office hours, Sally’s always here waiting to greet you, check on your orders and action amends to your jobs. 

How can Sally help you?

Sally’s well-equipped to field many of our most frequently received enquiries via the Live Chat function.

Currently, she’s able to help you:

  • Check, or pause, the progress of your job
  • Track and manage your deliveries 
  • Change delivery times and addresses
  • Access your invoices anytime
  • Get quotes for our most popular products
  • Stay informed on the progress of your orders 24/7

We’ll be keeping an eye on how Sally gets on, and we’re hoping to assign more duties to her in the future.

Top of the Bots

For customers, it means we can engage with you and determine your wishes instantly. That helps us make sure you’re always guided directly to the quickest solution. That might be something that Sally can resolve with you herself. Alternatively, she may determine that you’re better off talking to a customer service adviser, or a member of our dedicated designe team. 

We know not everyone loves a bot, and we understand that many people may have had frustrating experiences in the past. We’ve worked hard to make sure Sally’s a straight-forward assistant who’s always a delight to deal with. 

It’s important to stress that Sally is not an AI. She’s not here to learn your habits or second guess your wishes. She’ll certainly never pretend to be a real person. If it’s a human you’d prefer, our trusted team will always be on hand to lend a 100% organic ear. 

Our friend electric

That said, we think it’s time to embrace our robot friends, and we’re particularly proud and fond of Sally the Solopress Chatbot. 

We’d love to get your feedback on how she’s getting on, so if you have any comments on your experiences with Sally, let us know at [email protected]. We’ll be sure to bring them up at her next colleague appraisal!