Site upgrades make for a faster, bigger, safer

Solopress site upgrades site

We’re always looking for ways to improve our website, and we’re excited to announce a set of upgrades that make faster, bigger and safer. 

A lot of hard work has been going on behind the scenes to make sure we’re providing the optimal experience for our customers. Our latest modifications won’t change the way you navigate and interact with the site, but we’re sure you’ll notice the difference when it comes to the enhanced browsing and ordering experience.

Listening to feedback

We’re always encouraged by the positive responses we get from our customers. Our 23,000-plus 5-star Trustpilot reviews are a huge source of pride. But that also means we have a duty to listen when we hear about areas that require a bit of attention.

One piece of feedback we’ve heard from regular customers was about the time it would take to switch between product options. When trying on different options for size, it would take the site some moments to recalculate prices, which you found frustrating.

Faster, bigger and safer

We listened to those comments, and we’ve responded by implementing a range of upgrades that not only speed up the experience, but also make it bigger, safer and easier to use regardless of what device you’re on. There were three areas we really felt we needed to focus on:

1. The need for speed

Page loading and option selection was taking longer than we felt acceptable. In response we’ve sped up the process, making for a faster and more gratifying shopping experience.

2. Widescreen website

Our expanded pages now present a broader array of products for users viewing on large monitors. For those on smaller screens, our improved dynamic display adapts more efficiently than ever. The site presents an optimised, easy-to-browse version of each page, regardless of your chosen device.

3. Enhanced security

At no point has the safety of been compromised, but our newly implemented security measures help to future-proof the site against potential threats. By taking the most up-to-date security advice and keeping on top of site safety, we ensure you’ll always be able to use with absolute confidence.  

Revamped, not replaced

While the upgrades have been wide-ranging and thorough, you won’t need to readjust to an entirely new website design. To regular visitors, the structure, navigation and interface, along with the design and branding of the site, will all remain reassuringly familiar.

Rest assured your existing account stays active. We won’t be wiping your order history or requiring you to re-enter details – it’ll be business as normal.

Ready when you are

The existing architecture of is more than robust enough to keep up with today’s requirements. With our new upgrades, it’ll keep up with tomorrow’s expectations too.

If you haven’t already, have a poke around at and put our revamped site through its paces.