The Design Deck – graphic design playing cards

Image of a graphic designer's tips and tricks playing card pack

A pack of playing cards and a graphic design textbook all rolled into one, The Design Deck is a fun way to learn about Graphic Design

The Design Deck playing cards

Latest brainchild of Ben Barrett-Forrest, creator of The History of Typography animated documentary short film, The Design Deck is a Kickstarter funded pack of playing cards that will teach beginners the essentials of graphic design.

With strategies for good design and quotes from famous designers, the cards may even help improve the skills of more advanced designers too.

The playing cards are printed on thick 310gsm stock with a linen texture that makes them great for card games and magic tricks.

“Graphic design is a hugely useful skill, and we are surrounded by it in almost every part of our lives, but most people know very little about it,” says Ben Barrett-Forrest on his Kickstarter page. “I hope The Design Deck can spread the love of graphic design to many more people!”

Backers of Ben’s first Kickstarter project can expect to receive their Design Decks in July. Each pack costs $18, plus $5 to ship outside of Canada. (That’s Canadian dollars by the way, not American greenbacks.)

The Design Deck playing card samples

Here’s the promo video for The Design Deck on Kickstarter:

And here is Ben’s entertaining history of fonts and typography, courtesy of YouTube: