What is an A-Board? 10 essential questions about A-boards

A-boards – sometimes known as sandwich boards – are one of the most effective ways to catch the eye and attract new business.

Learn how to use A-boards as part of your marketing efforts with our guide to the most common questions.

What is an A-board?

An A-board is an outdoor sign that businesses use to promote their brands, products, offers and discounts. Designed to attract new customers, A-boards act to boost footfall by signposting your premises to people walking past.

Sometimes they’re called sandwich boards or even a pavement sign. Types of A-board include:

  • Durable aluminium frames that display professionally-printed posters
  • Chalk or whiteboards that businesses can write their own messages on

Why are they called an A-board?

A-boards get their name from their ‘letter A’, which is the shape they resemble when looked at side-on. Whatever they’re made from, A-boards feature two flat sides with a connecting joint in the middle.

These flat sides provide double the advertising space of a regular sign, helping to attract people walking in either direction.

They’re also sturdy enough to stay in place in most weathers on busy town and city centre surfaces.

What size is an A-board?

A-boards come in various sizes, prices and frame types. At Solopress, we offer three A-board sizes:

Each size relates to the dimensions of the paper you can attach to either or both sides of your board. You can find the different A-board sizes we sell here.

What is the difference between A-boards and sandwich boards?

Some people use the terms A-board and sandwich board interchangeably, but it’s important to note they don’t always refer to the same thing.

Often, sandwich boards are wearable, fitting over someone’s head to turn them into a walking sign for the business.

These can be a fun and quirky way to promote fast-food restaurants, takeaways or student bars and enable those businesses to move their advert around freely (well, reasonably freely!) With a wearable sandwich board, you can go where the people are – whether that’s the train station in the morning or the town centre at lunchtime.

A-boards, on the other hand, are static signs that sit outside a shop, café or barbers to point people in the right direction.

They’re more adaptable than sandwich boards, as the messages can be changed quickly by switching the poster or creating a new written message.

Why do people use A-frame boards for advertising?

The purpose of an A-boards is to get across a simple and effective message about your business to someone as they walk by. This will help to:

  • Engage the attention of passers-by
  • Attract customers if you’re located off the high street
  • Promote your latest offers and deals
  • Announce the opening of your new store or salon

Where should I display my A-board?

A-boards are either positioned outside your shopfront or main entrance, or at a place where there is a high footfall – such as a main shopping street or busy junction.

The latter is especially important for businesses in industrial or off-the-beaten-track locations because fewer people are passing by.

Do you need permission to put up a sign?

If you’re planning on placing an A-board next to the main road, you should check with your local council authority regarding the rules – as it’s likely you’ll need permission to do so.

The same applies to putting up a display on a pavement. You can find more information around this by looking at the Government’s pavement or street display licence guidelines.

Are A-boards waterproof?

Yes, the lightweight aluminium A-boards sold by Solopress are all weatherproof. A plastic film over the front of your printed artwork protects your message from the elements.

Given the famously changeable nature of the British climate, investing in a weatherproof A-board for your business is essential if you want to show your business in its best light whatever the weather.

With a basic chalk or whiteboard, you always run the risk of a sudden downpour washing away your message, leaving a bedraggled piece of signage that reflects poorly on your business!

What should I include on my A-Board design?

A-boards are designed to grab attention and get one clear message across. As a result, they need to be designed in a way that does this job effectively.

When you’re designing your A-board artwork, try to use:

  • Clear fonts and short sentences – can people read and understand your message?
  • Bright and simple imagery – colourful, impactful graphics don’t get in the way of your text
  • Offbeat messages – jokes or poems can attract attention – passers-by may even post pictures online

How long do A-boards take to make?

The time it takes to make an A-board varies depending on your provider.

At Solopress, we’re able to offer A-frame units – along with the two printed posters you’ll need – on a free next day UK delivery, provided that you meet order deadlines. Check out our A-boards page to explore the product and delivery options.

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