Start-up Britain – the best UK cities to start a business

Start-up Britain

Does London lead the way when it comes to successful start-ups? How is the Northern Powerhouse taking shape? Which UK city is the best place to start a business?

Our latest report, Start-Up Britain, has the answers. We’ve crunched the numbers and found the top UK cities where budding entrepreneurs can make their mark and what you should look out for when starting a new business.

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The next big thing

Every year, more than half a million new businesses are launched in the UK. Whether serving the local community or breaking new ground online, new companies combine market research with a hefty dose of promotion to ensure as wide a reach as possible.

To attract new investment – and therefore new businesses – UK cities bid to host entrepreneurs in search of the next big idea. While new companies in London, Leeds and Edinburgh can get the advice and guidance they need on an enterprise level, there are some more practical things to consider which can make or break a start-up.

What could make or break a business?

We have compiled the Start-Up Britain – a report detailing the vital elements to consider when establishing a new business. If you’re looking to relocate to a larger town or city to get the ball rolling on a new business idea, it helps to know that initial support is there.

Our top five ranked UK cities in the report benefit from one or more of these business-positive characteristics:

  • Affordable commercial property: Paying the rent is a huge burden for any fledgling company. While the usual suspects such as London and Manchester enjoy rising demand as a start-up base, there could be better options for smaller budgets.
  • Locally-available talent: Cities and towns that can draw from a diverse base of specialist skills – via local graduates – often find it easier to recruit the right talent for their business.
  • Competitive weekly pay: Setting up shop in an area that averages well for employee prospects puts your business in a better position to attract the best people for your company.

Download our Start-Up Britain report now to discover the top five UK cities to establish a company. Find out how these destinations take advantage of a mix of local and national economic factors to deliver the best prospects for a brand-new business.