Aztec strike gold using flyers to promote their events

aztec events flyers

In conversation with Matthew Upson from Aztec Events. Aztec share how using flyers help promote their shows and events.

Aztec Shows began in 1995 as a family run business and during the past years our shows have attracted well over a million visitors. With events in Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk, Nottinghamshire, Suffolk, Newbury and now Oxfordshire, Aztec have firmly established themselves as one of the Country’s leading public consumer show organisers.


My name is Matthew Upson, director of Aztec Events. We organise events throughout the whole country. We are an outdoor event organiser, so we could organise any outdoor event.

Our first ever event was an antique collection fair, in Upminster, it was on a much smaller scale than shows now. From that event, from that success of that event has really launched our antique collection fairs in to some of the biggest in the country.

Not only that your risking everything because if it rains you can lose everything its one of them few profession where some things are just completely out of your control.

Its very disheartening because of all the work we put in over the 8 months – we know the attendance wont be what it would have been if it was good weather, so we’ve all got our fingers crossed here in the office that the weekend will be favourable for us. If the weather’s great we know it’s going to be a fantastic event.

aztec events flyers
Aztec Events Success with Flyers: Blenheim Palace Flower Show

Its great to look around and you see the visits coming in, heading over to the champagne bar, buying their products from the exhibitors, it does give you a real buzz… seeing all the visitors coming to the show and its all the comments as well on the way out, its great to hear how much they have enjoyed the show and we know next year could be even busier and even better.

Aztec Events has used Solopress probably now for around ten years. We use Solopress purely because of the print quality and the turnaround, and we very rarely have any problem at all with the print quality, that’s one thing we know we definitely get from Solopress which perhaps some other printer cant offer that quality.

We started off ordering flyers, five thousand DL Flyers, to promote our events but now we use them for all our brochures, all our flyers and postcards so probably over a million units per year.

Aztec Events’ customers tend to be exhibitors and the public, the exhibitors range from, Garden Centres to garden furniture companies to country clothing, to small-scale antique and collectable dealers. We target people with gardens; you know there’s no point of us spending money on and arranging door drops to anyone that hasn’t got a garden for example.

Our audience tends to be forty-five plus, we go for an older design on the leaflets which works very well. I always deal with the same people at Solopress so there is that familiarity there which is great. I know if I phone Solopress I can speak to the person I like dealing with. As long as that does not change, you know if I phone up Solopress, and all of a sudden start speaking different people that don’t know us as a customer, then of course that will set alarm bells ringing but as yet we haven’t encountered that so hopefully the service will continue to be fantastic as we get larger as a company.


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