Customer Stories: Becky Alexander, The Body Shop at Home

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When Becky Alexander, Area Manager with The Body Shop at Home, got in touch to praise us for our affordable prices and high-quality print, we were keen to know more about her experiences. We got in touch with Becky to find out what it’s like to be involved with the world’s best-loved ethical cosmetics brand, and how marketing through print has helped to propel the business.

A new leaf

In July 2019, Becky Alexander was looking to find a new hobby, but also an opportunity to earn an income.  Most importantly, Becky’s new project would have to fit around her 3-month-old son. While researching the possibilities, she came across The Body Shop at Home and immediately knew it would be a great fit for her lifestyle and passions.

“I’ve always loved The Body Shop products so to join and sell the products that I loved was a no-brainer!”

So what’s the Body Shop when it’s at home?

The Body Shop has occupied a special place in the cosmetics industry, on the high street and in the nation’s hearts as one of the true British “Superbrands” of recent decades. This strong brand identity is based on an ethical stance that was many years ahead of its time.

The brand was the first to campaign against animal testing, and to support community trade, always seeking to import resources from poorer countries, ensuring funds paid for ingredients were channelled directly towards helping workers to receive a fair wage.

Ideas that we now take for granted around natural ingredients, cruelty-free product development and fair trade practices were pioneered by this ground-breaking company ever since its inception in 1976.

No place like home

Since 1994, The Body Shop at Home has allowed independent consultants to sell The Body Shop’s products in their communities and to determine their own working hours to suit themselves.

The Body Shop at Home follows a network marketing structure that offers people the opportunity to work from home. Even if they’re new to direct marketing, The Body Shop at Home provides full training, giving them a flexible new career that they can fit around their own commitments.

Some consultants join for their love of the products, some because they want a hobby, and some because they want to earn whilst working for themselves. For ambitious consultants, there’s even a multi-level management program that supports them as they go on to manage their own teams.

Personal perks and pricing

The advantage of a network marketing structure is the ability to create communities and for consultants to design deals and discounts that appeal directly to individuals. Body Shop at Home consultants, can tailor their own customer discounts, meaning they can offer greater perks as opposed to buying elsewhere.

Rise and shine

Working with The Body Shop at Home allowed Becky to make an income while looking after her two children and in just 12 months, she was promoted to Area Manager. Working with her own team of consultants, she’s able to help them get the most out of their experience with The Body Shop at Home and to progress with their careers. On guiding her team, Becky says, “this is the most rewarding part of my job, helping others reach their personal life goals whatever it may be.”

As well as fulfilling her management ambitions, working from home does have its other benefits too… “The best thing is not having to get ready in the mornings,“ says Becky, “I’m sat there in my pyjamas some days whilst doing my work from my laptop!”

A different complexion on the pandemic…

Thankfully, Covid hasn’t proved to be a fly in the ointment for this cosmetics firm. Becky’s glad to report that business has remained steady for The Body Shop at Home throughout the pandemic.

That’s jointly down to an online business model that offers a direct to door delivery service and a sales team that operates independently from home. In fact, The Body Shop at Home has been able to offer opportunities to many whose career has been disrupted by lockdown.

Connecting people

During these times, people have relied heavily on social media for contact with friends and communities. This has created a fertile environment for Becky and her team of consultants to grow their networks and spread the word about their fantastic products.

Before the pandemic The Body Shop at Home were well known for “Pamper Parties” held at consultant’s homes. Since lockdown, social media, in particular private Facebook groups, have become a key arena for community building and sales. In addition, Pamper Parties have been able to continue via Zoom, which has proved to be a lot of fun for both consultants and customers!

Flawless print

When it comes to marketing locally, Becky has been able to rely on Solopress for all her print needs. Flyers and Leaflets have been an important part of her door to door campaigns, and the Business Stationery that Becky prints with Solopress allows her to appear professional in all of her communications. According to Becky, “the service has been magnificent and the prices have been so affordable, which is great for a small business like myself.”

For a business that’s competing with beauty brands, it’s important that everything looks great. Becky is consistently satisfied with how her print turns out: “Fabulous every time! Solopress always provide a fantastic finish on my material!”

The next print product Becky has her eyes on is Stickers, and we’ll be working with her to make sure we provide the perfect labels for her needs.

Body positive

Becky is excited by the opportunities the future holds. Setting personal goals is important for anyone planning for success in network marketing and Becky’s no different. She’s set her sights on securing a Senior Area Manager position within The Body Shop at Home, as well as buying a new home to work from!

From what we’ve learnt about Becky’s skill and determination, we’re convinced she’ll accomplish everything she sets out to achieve. With the help of a tempting product range and an immaculate print marketing campaign to support it, the future looks radiant for Becky and The Body Shop at Home.

Be a part of it

If you’d like to get involved, according to Becky, the best way is to get in touch with a consultant and have a preliminary chat about the ins and outs of being a part of the company and what to expect. Becky likes to arrange video calls for anyone wishing to join up, before sending over registration forms to fill out. If it sounds like the right move for you, why not get hold of Becky on Facebook or via email and you could be up and running in just a few days!