Birdsong & Blooms do beautiful things with flowers & flyers

Banner of pretty, floral 'Birdsong Blooms' for handmade wedding flowers

With an expert eye for design, wedding florists Birdsong & Blooms knew they’d be in good hands with the flyers printed by Solopress…

Birdsong & Blooms design and handcraft unique bridal bouquets and accessories. They love flowers, so they do beautiful things with them. Stunning colour palettes, quality blooms, vintage lace and an immaculate finish mean their wedding bouquets and accessories really are something special.

Based in Derbyshire, Birdsong & Blooms are obsessed with quality and style. It’s only when they are absolutely happy with the flower arrangements they create, do they know that the bride and groom will be happy too.

Flowers & Flyers

Birdsong and Blooms bride photo

Although her business is wedding flowers, Birdsong & Blooms’ co-owner Kerrie Pearson is actually a photographer and graphic designer. Understandably, she is rather fussy with print quality, and so Kerrie started with a low volume gloss flyers order to test the product and service at Solopress. Luckily, she certainly wasn’t disappointed!

“The print and finishing of our Solopress flyers is excellent and we are 100% confident in ordering a high volume order and other products now such as business cards,” confirms a jubilant Kerrie. “One thing that we absolutely loved about Solopress is the instant message facility which enabled us to talk to a print expert straight away rather than waiting for an email response – so our flyers were ordered straight away!”

Solopress printed these 350gsm Gloss A5 Flyers for Birdsong & Blooms

Birdsong and Blooms flyers gloss A5 front

Birdsong and Blooms flyers gloss A5 back

Birdsong and Blooms owners Kerrie Pearson and Rachelle Mason

“Excellent! Good quality flyers, speedy delivery, great customer service. Thanks Solopress, see you again soon!”
Kerrie Pearson, co-owner of Birdsong & Blooms



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