Flyers help Didsbury Young Bedians Rugby Club recruit new players

Rugby Club Flyers by Didsbury Young Bedians

Recruiting new players for their youth team is child’s play for Didsbury Young Bedians Rugby Club, courtesy of the high quality flyer printing at Solopress…

With the new season starting in September, Didsbury Young Bedians Rugby Club are now looking for players aged 5 to 10 – both boys and girls – to join their Under 11s squad. But what’s the best kind of promotional campaign to attract this fresh talent to the team? Should they go for posters or online adverts? How about car stickers? The club’s organisers decided to try something that works every time – flyers!

“We used Solopress for printing 250 flyers for our junior rugby club,” reveals Giles Hardern, chairman of Didsbury Young Bedians Rugby Club. “They seemed very good value for money, so I was a bit worried about what the quality would be like. The quality was in fact much better than I was expecting – even to the point of being slightly embarrassed that it looked like we were being extravagant with our promotional material.”

Rugby in the Community

Would any of your kids like to play rugby in Didsbury, Manchester? Youth training at the club takes place from 10:45am to 12:15pm at Millgate Lane on Sundays. New players are welcome to contact Didsbury Old Bedians Rugby Club to find out more.

Good luck to The Blues for their 2013/14 season!

Solopress printed these 350gsm Silk A5 Flyers for Didsbury Young Bedians Rugby Club

Rugby Club Flyers by Didsbury Young Bedians


  1. I wish there were things around like this when I was a kid! Every child will be reasonably good at at least one sport – just a question of finding out which! More sports should do this!


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