The Beauty Of Traditional Islamic Geometric Patterns – Now On A Leaflet

islamic geometric patterns stained glass

The British Muslim Heritage Centre is taking the trend of Islamic geometric patterns back to their roots with a little help from leaflets printed by Solopress.

Geometric patterns seem to be all the rage at the moment but they didn’t just materialise out of a London based design studio. Geometric designs are rooted deep in Islamic culture and have a history stretching back to ancient times.

Beautiful examples of Islamic geometric patterns stained glass

The colourful, uniformed, repeating patterns can be found throughout Islamic art, architecture and traditional attire.

Legendary Design

The beauty and simplicity of such traditional Islamic geometric patterns have been reproduced in a wonderfully flat designed poster for the upcoming Islamic Geometric Patterns workshop in Manchester. We were delighted to print these leaflets for the event.

BMHC Islamic Geometric Patterns workshop leaflets

The British Muslim Heritage Centre have set up the practical workshop so people can learn how to draw Islamic geometric patterns and discover how they can apply colours to express their individual creativity.

Centre Of Culture

The workshop will take place in a stunning gothic revival period building in Greater Manchester that has been home to the British Muslim Heritage Centre for almost 10 years.

the BMHC in manchester

The BMHC was formed with the aims to create a welcoming environment for everyone in the community, to develop learning and provide a positive contribution to society, ensuring that over 1500 years of Muslim heritage can be shared around the world .

BMHC will host islamic geometric patterns workshop

Leaflets By Solopress

Leaflet marketing is a fantastic way to promote a great event like this Islamic geometric patterns workshop, as it reaches a very wide audience when placed in ideal locations or when promoted on the street. Selecting the appropriate design is also a key to successful leaflet marketing, as you’ll want to be stopping people in the streets with eye-catching visuals.



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